Cold Coffee and the Official Start of Training

I am working from home today because a lot of people in my office are still out for the holidays. Working from home allows me to get some things done around the apartment, which is great. Sometimes things get so busy that my apartment takes a beating. I have to remind myself that to truly be happy in the place that I live, I need to take pride in it and take care of it. A place may not be perfect, but I can make it as perfect as it can be for me. In a way, that is how all situations in life work–it may not be ideal, it most likely isn’t perfect, as few things are, but the trick is to make the situation or the item work as well as they can for you. It is also a reminder that material objects do not lead to happiness. Having the perfect apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, noise-proof walls, and a large amount of living space will not lead to the inner contentment that we all seek. Before I end my this slightly off-tangent rant, one more thing. I am finding as I try to clean today that the reason my room is a mess is because I just have too much stuff. I just donated a large amount of clothing items to Goodwill on Saturday, but I would still like to go through everything I have and do a huge clean-out. Clear the clutter in your surroundings, clear the clutter in your mind.

Whenever I work from home, I try to take advantage of it and get as many things done during the day as possible, including getting my run in while it is still light out. Of course, I decided it was time to run about 4 minutes after I sat down with my hot coffee. I always do that. I think that a large part of me really wants to be able to sit and enjoy my coffee, sip it slowly, but I can’t do that when I am thinking about how I want to/have to run. Why I don’t think about this before my Keurig friend spits out a cup of coffee, I will never know.

Thank goodness for microwaves.

I started officially training today, meaning that I am following a set schedule. I wrote out my planned workouts for this week on the calendar that I got in my stocking for Christmas.

photo 4

How cute is that? Cute, I know.

photo 5

It is tiny, but if you squint you can see the numbers/words I wrote in the lower right corner of 12/30-1/4. Pink is the plan, the other color is what I actually ended up doing. So, today I was to run 4 miles and I ran 4.07. Mission accomplished. I plan on stopping my CVS today and buying stickers for each day I complete the intended training. Because I am secretly still 5 years old. I did a behavior change challenge during my sophomore year of college in which I used stickers. My challenge was to not eat after 8:00pm each night. For each day that I obliged, I got a sticker. I must say that it was great motivation.

Today, my run was okay. I got through it relatively easily…it is so nice that 4 miles seems normal now. However, I was a bit bored during this run, and my lower legs felt a bit stiff. Hoping that some yoga and ankle strengthening can help with the latter problem.

One thing I would like to note about my training plan is that while I am following a pre-set plan, I plan on tailoring it to my needs. For instance, the pre-set plan suggests that long runs be on Saturdays and Strength/Stretching be on Sundays. While I will try to keep the same order of things by perhaps pushing things back a day or two, I believe it would make more sense for me to have my long runs on Sundays, as I tend to do less on Sundays.

Time for me to go foam roll…and field hockey ball roll? Before I sign off….

photo 1

Any amazing healthy breakfast my boyfriend made for me (thanks!): poached eggs, arugula, baby tomatoes, hummus, whole-wheat bread. Yum, yum.

photo 2

My first pair of Toms, which are way too comfy for my own good as I will probably wear them every day. My mom picked out the pattern (they were a Christmas gift from her) and I must say I am quite happy with it! My right foot looks a tad swollen in this picture but I assure you that it is not.

photo 3

Pretty lights I saw at a restaurant on Saturday. Look at the grape lights! I am happy the lights are still sticking around. Although on my run today I saw a Christmas tree laying on its side outside of someone’s house and that made me quite sad. The next house had a scarecrow outside so that was a strange juxtaposition of decorations.



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