Steps and Gnomes

Yesterday’s training consisted of a 2-mile run. I completed it with flying colors. One thing I have been trying to focus on is slowing down in the first mile of my run. It actually takes significant effort for me to s.l.ooooo.w down and take it easy when I first start off. This could be why my 3rd and 4th miles are often quite slower than my first two. I had no destination on this one, so when I got to a little park about 1 mile away into my run, I just started doing a bunch of loops on the different walkways in it until I got to 2.03 miles. Sometimes staying in one place is nice. It also helped that there were a lot of dogs meandering around that park with their owners, so it was fun to watch them all interact.

photo 2


photo 3

I ended my training run at the bottom of the steps below. photo 1

Boy do steps make for great stretching. I walked up these steps, pausing on each one for 30-60 seconds to stretch my calves, hamstrings, IT bands, and quads. Afterwards, I did I light job back home, stopping every minute or so to do some bodyweight squats. That’s how I fit in my strength training. Bodyweight squats may not seem like much, but if you take the time to really focus on your form and give the movement time, they are still a great workout–especially if it’s a nice day out and you don’t feel like going inside the gym. Along the way back home, I found these friends:

photo 5

And another one!

photo 4

Today the training plan suggested a 4-mile run. I did not complete this run. Boo. While the rest of you were being smart and starting 2014 off with a killer workout (I’m giving you credit, even if you didn’t it), I was busy relishing my day off work. I had a great breakfast, drank some coffee and read The Book Thief, saw the movie Her, grabbed a Choklat stout at Glen’s Garden Market, read some more, and grabbed some Thai food for dinner. While I would have loved to have gotten a run in, I am not beating myself up because I also appreciate the importance of getting days like today in. Back on the wagon tomorrow, and maybe I’ll add on a couple miles to make up for today.

Happy 2014!


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