Your Blueprint

Over the holiday break, my boyfriend showed me a video titled Arnold’s Blueprint. This short 5-minute film is a quick story about how Arnold Schwarzenegger got to where he is today. In  his late teens, Arnold was a member of the Austrian military. At some point, he saw a news story about the strongest man in the world. At that moment, Arnold’s dreams of becoming not only a bodybuilder and the strongest man in the world…but also Mr. Universe….were born. During his stint on the base camp, Arnold learned of a bodybuilding competition in Germany. When he asked if he could go, he was told no. Soldiers were not permitted to leave the camp, and if you did without permission, you were put in solitary confinement for days. It was at this point in his life that Arnold decided that he would not take no for an answer, especially when it stood in the way of who he wanted to be. He snuck out of the camp and won the competition. Was he still put in solitary confinement? Yes. But we all know the rest of Arnold’s story from there. If you have a spare 5 minutes, I would watch the video below (the picture links to the video, just click it!). Whether you are an Arnold fan or not (I wouldn’t really call myself a fan), I think you will find this video interesting and inspiring.


This video got me thinking. What is my blueprint? What is your blueprint? As I am sure you have seen all over the internet, this is the time of year for resolutions, for goal-setting. I feel no need to write a resolution post on my own as I feel there are plenty other of people who have covered that topic fairly well. Later, I plan on gathering some of my favorite New Year’s Resolution posts and sharing them with you. As I think about goal-setting though, I realize that it would make a lot more sense to make goals if I decided the type of person I want to be.

What is Abby’s blueprint? Who do I want Abby to be? And how do I get there?

When we make a bunch of arbitrary goals–I will lose weight; I will work out more; I will write three books; I will get married; I will clothe myself in Juicy from head-to-toe (hey, why not?)–I think we lose track of why we are setting goals. Ultimately, you are trying to make a ‘better’ you, correct? But WHO are you? How can you make yourself ‘better’ if you don’t know who you are, or at least who you want to be? By making these goals, what are you working toward? So you just lost 20 pounds (that’s great!!), but now what?

I am still working on who I want to be, as that is a loaded question. Here is what I have so far:

Starting in 2014, I want to be:


  • in my relationships, whether familial, romantic, or friendly
  • my work ability and my impact at my workplace


  • to those around me, whether I know them or not
  • to myself, by pushing myself to do my best and not allowing myself to slack off
  • to my body, by pushing away any negative thoughts I may have about it and appreciating it for what it is–strong, energetic, and fast, by feeding it with food and drink that fuels it rather than comforts it, and by providing it with an adequate sleep schedule

A Good Communicator 

  • by adequately expressing my thoughts and feelings in an effective and calm manner
  • by being a good listener in addition to a good talker

As I continue to discover who I want to be, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Happy January 2nd!


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