The Not-So-Secret Adventures of The (Not-So) Secret Life Coach

I like to label this blog a healthy lifestyle blog. While I plan on running being a large component of that, as blogging about running helps me work towards being the ‘runner’ I want to be, I also don’t want to lose track of the fact that a healthy lifestyle, while different for everyone, is achieved by balance. Running may be the exercise mode I am using most frequently, but it is not the only activity in my life. Currently, my life if chock full of reading, writing, and frolicking around Washington, DC (oh…and work).

This weekend, a thought occurred to me. I like DC. The six years I have spent here so far have been enjoyable. With that being said, I know that I do not want to be here forever. I am getting antsy, and I am ready to explore new places and take on the challenge of getting to know a new town or city. However, I will be in DC for at least the next year. Instead of spending my time thinking about where I want to be instead, I’d like to spend my time exploring the heck out of DC while I am living here. Two or three summers ago (time flies), I challenged myself to visit a new bar, restaurant, or cafe every week. It was an extremely fun challenge, and I am going to challenge myself to do the same starting this weekend. I will be adding fitness venues, museums, and miscellaneous to the list as well. After all, not every activity has to be based around eating and drinking.

This will be a new component of my blog, as I am eager to share my adventures with all of you.

Some places that are currently on my list (pictures taken from the internet):

The Coffee Bar (TCB)


I walked by this cute little cafe about 2 months ago and have been itching to go ever since. I mean, look how cute it is!
Sorry, Starbucks, but I am just not that into you anymore. That’s why I never answer your phone calls.



Sugar Daddy’s Bakery


This overwhelmingly adorable bakery just opened up in Adams Morgan, and I NEED want to go. Fun fact: looks like this cute little gem has 2 locations–Washington, DC and Beirut. Random, but very cool. It also custom designs cupcakes. Thisssss could be fun.



This is a yoga studio in Adams Morgan that I have wanted to go to for a long time for 2 reasons:

  • 1) ‘Stroga’ is a combination of the words ‘strength’ and ‘yoga’ and I love combining words.
  • Yoga classes happen in the ballroom (yes, ballroom) that you see above. How beautiful is that?

Unfortuntately, the drop-in prices are a little high for me, but I will sacrifice ~$20 to try this out once.

That is all I have for now–Have a great day!

Training Update: Although I have not been following my calendar to a tee, it really helps me to have my goals for the day written down. If I don’t get them done the day of, I try to do it the next day. It doesn’t fall completely off my radar, which it would if it wasn’t written down. Yesterday, I had plans of running the 6 miles I had scheduled for Saturday. I think I accidentally had two rest days last week. Oops, I’m learning. The entire day I was out and about, so my work out had to wait until 7:30pm. I got down to the gym for another treadmill run and the tv remotes were missing. I couldn’t bring myself to watch 60 minutes of the ‘Knock Out Round’ that the tv was stuck on, so I ran a fast two miles (amped up my speed to amp up my run) and then did 3 sets of dumbbell dead lifts, dumbbell squats, and some ankle strengthening. Lessons I am learning from training: 1) It is okay to go off schedule as long as you make a definite ‘rain date.’ 2) Sometimes, work outs just don’t work out (see what I did there?) It’s okay to switch up your plans. I replaced my 6-mile run with a much needed strength work out. Didn’t get the distance I needed, but didn’t give up on the work out completely. 3) Keep repeating in your mind “I will do this today. I must do this today. I will run. I will work out. I plan to do it at…….” It works for me! 


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