Smiley faces and an abundance of goldfish

Good morning and Happy Saturday to all of you! It’s a rainy Saturday here in DC, and I must say that I am not too unhappy about it, as I am recovering from a pretty nasty two-day cold and should be forced to continue resting anyway…right?

photo 1

For the past two days, I have been spending time with soup and tea. Don’t worry, there actually was more soup in the pot above, but I ate it and still needed to finish off my goldfish friends!

photo 2


On the brighter side of things: Good news!

photo 5


I finally got my stickers! My mom sent them to me in the mail after reading my post about needing stickers. Isn’t she the best? Smiley faces of all different colors will help me track my 1/2-marathon training progress.

I’m going to go back to nursing myself back to health via Yogi tea and Scandal. Before we part, a winter sky below.

photo 4


Happy Weekend!


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