Who Am I?!?!?!

Good afternoon!

It has been a busy couple of days and I am excited to update you with a whirlwind of pictures. First, a training update.

As I told you on Sunday, I was sick from Thursday-Sunday, so the training unfortunately fell by the wayside. It is always when I have larger lapses that I am able to come back in full force. When I didn’t train as much as I’d hoped over the Christmas holiday, I came back and ran 6 miles for the first time. Yesterday, I woke up an hour earlier than usual and pumped out 4 miles. While I like being up early, I can RARELY coerce myself to get out of bed super early for a workout. I felt great for the rest of the day and I am extremely proud of myself. I am still patting myself on the back.

Another reason I was able to drag myself out of my comfy bed was because I knew I was going to have a busy night last night. My dad was in town, and he and my boyfriend and I went out to dinner at my favorite place in DC, Filomena. Some day, I will write a post outlining my true love for this amazing little Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Georgetown. ANYWAY…this truly proved to me that preparation is key. On Sunday, I took a look at my schedule and decided where exactly a workout could fit in on each day. If I have a certain hour, such as 6-7am or 5-6pm carved out mentally, I most likely won’t skip it. This works so much better for me than just planning to workout ‘sometime during the day.’  This week, I have to get up to a 7 mile. Here’s to lucky number 7! Moving on…….

the not so-secret adventures
installment one

I have great news! While I didn’t plan to go to any of these places, this week I got to experience 3 new places in DC.

First up: The Oak Hill Cemetery
On Sunday, Chris and I went for a long walk. The weather was nice for January, and I still wasn’t ready to start running again, but we still wanted to get outside. Our walk took us through Rock Creek Park and we ended up in upper Georgetown, right by the Oak Hill Cemetary. One of the RC Park running trails goes right by the bottom of the cemetery, which is placed on a large, sloping hill.

Shmab 045

While I was a bit creeped out to be in a cemetery, I must say that it was beautiful, and the top of the hill lent to a great view of the Kalorama and Dupont neighborhoods, which my iPhone did not do justice to. When I was listing off places to see in DC, I forgot to list open places, such as parks. While I don’t think I ever would have listed a cemetery, this one is definitely worth popping into if you are walking by.

Shmab 048

Next at Bat: Looped Yarn Works
Another item I didn’t list on my adventures list? Stores. I probably will not target stores on my adventures, but I included this one because I just loved the piles of colorful yarn. I have started knitting lately, so this was of extra interest to me.

Shmab 058

Did you guys ever realize how expensive yarn can be? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Shmab 057

Last but not least: The Ritz Carlton Bar
It’s so quiet in this place that you don’t even know you’re in DC anymore…..I did not include pictures of all the different types of seating that they offer, but they have couches, armchairs, high tops, etc.

Shmab 062


Shmab 061

That’s a wrap. Catch ya later!


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