Baked, Wired, No Regrets

A little while back, I wrote this post about how I never regret a run. As I made my way home after a lovely fish taco and quinoa dinner made for me last night, the last thing I wanted to do was run. My eyes were about to close on the bus because I was so tired, and I kept making excuses in my head such as “It’s too late to run.” (Disclaimer: I am pretty strict with myself about working out less than two hours before bed. I don’t do it. As someone who has had many sleep issues in the past couple of years, I don’t mess around with my sleep rules. With that being said, at the time that I was making this excuse for myself, it was 7:20pm. I don’t go to bed at 9:20pm.)

Then, I thought back to the post I wrote about how I really do never regret a run. And just thinking about that worked. I knew I would feel better about my day and myself if I just sucked it up and ran, even if a short distance, than if I decided to go buy the most recent episodes of Scandal from iTunes. Another thing that helped me to run last night? Putting on the new episode of Pretty Little Liars as I ran.

I walked for 0.4 miles, ran a slooooow 3.1 miles, and then walked 0.22 miles to cool down. As I have mentioned before, it’s hard for me to make myself go slow. Sure, I end up moving verrrrryyyyyy slowly sometimes, but that’s more because I pushed myself too hard…I don’t actually choose to. It’s even harder for me to make myself go slow on the treadmill because I can SEE how fast I am going right in front of me, at every second. And, I actually have to choose how fast I am going. But last night I knew that if I set the treadmill to my usual speed or faster, I wouldn’t make it through the three miles. So I chose a slower pace and I stayed with it. I have to frequently remind myself that I am simply training to complete a half marathon, not to win it.

Moving on…

Yesterday, I did a very brief outline of some new places in DC that I visited. Today, I really want to talk about one of my favorite places in DC which I have been to several times….but several is not enough!

What is this mystery place, you ask?

Baked and Wired
A review in which I gush about how much I love it.

How many of your have heard of Georgetown Cupcake? How about DC Cupcakes? This is a cute little cupcake shop located in Georgetown. They were the focus of the TLC reality television show DC Cupcakes. Their cupcakes are good. However, I have been rumored (no comment) to walk by the lines of people waiting to get into Georgetown Cupcake saying things such as “You should go to Baked and Wired, instead!!” G-town cupcake owners, please do not take offense. I only do this because I do not feel the lines are worth it. I actually semi-regret telling people on the streets to do that because now THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE ALWAYS THERE AND I CAN NEVER FIND A SEAT. Sigh.

Reasons I love Baked and Wired:

First, I should specify that baked = baked goods and wired = wired due to caffeine. Clever, right?!

Shmab 049

Shmab 051

They have great drinks. I have never been disappointed. This past weekend I got my first mocha from them and each sip was delectable. I was afraid that it would be too sweet, but it was the perfect combination of coffee and cocoa. As I ordered the drink, one of the fun-loving baristas told me the fun fact that Hershey’s syrup is actually not made with real chocolate, but is made with “genuine chocolate flavor.” I was a bit confused as to why she told me this, and I immediately got concerned that the mocha I ordered was going to made with Hershey’s syrup. I don’t like Hershey’s syrup. She quickly informed me that B&W does not use HS and I breathed a giant sigh of relief. I appreciate that she told me this fun fact. Also, they have wicked random prices (at least to the my eye) and I appreciate random.

Shmab 053

I forgive them for spelling my name wrong.

Shmab 050

I love these stickers. I think they’re great.

Shmab 054

Cupcakes, cupcakes! This is a horrible picture, so I included some I found on google below.


The cupcakes at B&W are amazing. They offer so many different options and each one has an extremely creative and playful name. The Razmanian Devil, which is the cupcake on the right above, is one of my favorites. It’s lemon cake with lemon buttercream and a touch of raspberry filling. There is also a little red heard on the top and it is the cutest thing ever.


Every cupcake I have ever had from B&W is perfect. Fun fact: they also have other great baked goods and quiches as well! Three thumbs up, Baked and Wired. You have my heart.

Signing off with some more PLL gifs, just for you. Toodles!


3 thoughts on “Baked, Wired, No Regrets

  1. Oh man, you just motivated me to run a quick mile before bed! I’m tired an my stomach hurts today, but I totally need to get my workout done! And I’ll have to try that place next time I’m in DC!

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