I did it! Lucky #7

Happy Sunday! This is an even happier Sunday because I have off tomorrow. So technically today is Saturday. Crazy pants. I’ve been telling myself since last weekend that I will run 7 miles this weekend. This is what I like to call mind control. It works. This morning I set out at 10am and ran 7.07 miles at a pretty steady, slow pace. Since this was a new distance for me, I was a little nervous about it and wanted to be careful. I could feel myself holding back, purposefully making my legs move slower than they wanted to at first. I got over the fact that I would be running a slower pace than I am capable for a distance of 1-4 miles because I knew that if I let my slow pace bother me, I would push harder than I should and end up not being able to complete my training run or ending up with an injury. Join me on my run below:

photo 1

First, a couple miles on Connecticut to meet up with President Obama so he could join me on my run. (Even though I’m ready to try out a new city, the fact that I can just casually pop by the White House never gets old.)

photo 2

Next, to the Washington monument, which is slowly being released from its chains. We Washingtonians gave a strong side-eye to the moment when it was fully encaged (see a photo I borrowed from the internet below), but we secretly grew enamored by the broken monument as it had a special way of lighting up the DC skyline (also see a borrowed photo below).



I haven’t been down to the National Mall in a while, so it was nice to revisit the sites that I lived close to for so long.

photo 3

photo 4

From the Washington monument, past the WWII memorial, on our way to pick up our other good friend, Abe.

photo 5

photo 1

Abe has recovered well, both mentally and physically, from the green paint incident this past summer.

photo 2

Around the Lincoln Memorial to hook up with the path that parallels the Potomac river.

photo 4

Hello Rosslyn! You look pretty from here.

photo 5

5 miles in and this guy joined me on my run. This run was my first time using fuel and I think it was fine. I didn’t bolt ahead like when you have a lot of mushrooms in Mario Kart, but I think it helped me continue on as I was beginning to lag.

photo 1

I ended my run feeling pretty good. Soreness in my hip flexors and feet, but nothing I can’t solve with some stretching foam rolling. And a cake.

photo 2

photo 3

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “I did it! Lucky #7

  1. I am soooo jealous of this run! And I love how you view fueling 🙂 I used my first fuel this weekend too and I agree, I didn’t get super speedy and awesome but I also didn’t feel like dying at the end so I think that’s a win! Congrats on 7 miles!

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