Tuesday Tid-Bits

How do you spell tid-bit? Tidbit? Tid-bit? TidBid? Tid-Bit? I would appreciate your guidance. 

HAPPY TUESDAY! Here are some Tuesday Tid-Bits before I come back later for a more legitimate post. Enjoy. 

1. I have a snow day today and I am obsessed with watching the Panda Cam. I had big plans of working from home today (due to weather) and visiting BaoBao at some point while no-one else was there because they were all at work. The National Zoo is closed today. That plan failed. I love the snapshot from the Panda Cam below. It looks like baby BaoBao tired out her Mama! 





2. This article says it all. 

ImageThings to note from this article: 

  • You burn more fat when you are standing than when you are sitting.
  • Prolonged sitting is linked with an increase in certain types of cancers.
  • Sitting for a long time causes everything to slow down…including the brain. Foggy, much?


3. How to Have a Year That Counts

  • Don’t give up on your dreams
    “For our days to count, we must feel—sometimes painfully, sometimes joyously, never easily—that our better selves are roaring, exploding, thundering to life. And our dreams are the songs that awaken them.”
  • Don’t be afraid to suffer
    “Your fears are not imaginary: they will, it is likely, come true. Yes, you will get dumped, axed, insulted. You will fail, stumble, falter You will hurt, ache, yearn, long, want, despair. But that is precisely the fire in which all the elements of greatness—empathy, grace, tolerance, forgiveness, perseverance—are forged.”
  • Seek the mystery inside the truth, not the truth inside the mystery
  • Let you happen
    “We must let “it” happen. What is “it”? All that which imbues our actions with meaning; without which life is little more than an empty, meaningless performance—good and bad. Love. Yearning. Loss. Grief. Heartbreak. Tragedy. Despair. Triumph. Will. All that and more—we must let happen, if we are to grow. “

Be back later–cheers!


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