Sore Biceps and the Snowy Coffy Cafe

Good afternoon!

I was supposed to show you more snowy pics yesterday but then things got a little busy and I failed you. I apologize. Don’t worry, today I will make up for it.

Yesterday I sadly did not get a workout in, but I am trying very hard not to beat myself up about it because that is exactly what I would tell someone else if they were feeling guilty about missing a day. Two days ago though (Tuesday) was the day I did the circuit mentioned in the last post. Yesterday, my biceps were REALLY feeling it. Today they are still feeling it, as are my quads. I’m loving it. I have really been unmotivated to do strength workouts lately. I think I am just really sick of dumbbells. But that impromptu workout that I did the other night because all the cardio machines I like were taken may have sparked my inner bodybuilder. (Key Word: inner). Before I delve into snow day pics, two very quick reasons as to why you should strength train.

1. Strength training helps your running. See this article. In regards to running, strength training can do two very important things:

  • make you faster
  • prevent injuries

2. Strength training makes you burn more fat! Strength training builds muscle. Muscle burns more calories than other body tissues. Strength training = increased metabolism.


ONTO SNOW PICS! Your favorite part.


This picture makes me feel like Christmas.


So snowy! It hasn’t snowed too much in the 6.5 years that I’ve lived in DC (minus when I lived in Barcelona for 4 months), so to see a couple inches of snow actually sticking to the ground was highly exciting. I purposely veered off course just to step in fresh piles of snow.




I am the culprit. My foot is almost buried!


This stuff is gross, though. Avoid the yellow snow AND this snow. Yuck.


But definitely don’t avoid this snow.


Or this snow 🙂

When Chris and I ventured up to Columbia Heights on Tuesday night, we had some time to kill before an appointment. I REALLY wanted hot chocolate, as I firmly believe that hot chocolate and snow must go together, so we wandered around and found an adorably cute cafe called The Coffy Cafe (which I called The Colly Cafe until I got inside and saw the menu. Apparently, my contacts are underperforming). From the outside, The Coffy Cafe doesn’t look like much. That is most likely because it is located inside a building that houses a lot of businesses, so the Coffy Cafe probably wasn’t allowed much originality on the outside. BUT the inside makes up for it wholly and completely.


What you may not be able to read on this picture is that “Coffy Cafe is independently owned and operated by a DC educator who just wanted to do something different, to create a neighborhood place with a 60s/70s flavor….”

This is represented by the decorations, which included posters of movies from that time period, beautiful paintings, mod furniture, and this wall painting:


AND. AND….this Candy shop.


This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. I didn’t buy any this time, BUT I WILL BE BACK. The more-than-fitting decor is backed by tasty treats and above-par customer service. I, of course, just HAD to get the Nutella Hot Chocolate when I saw it on the menu. It was delicious–tasted like liquid nutella. I convinced myself that I could ‘afford’ it because my metabolism was still on high gear due to my strength workout earlier that day. The staff at The Coffy Cafe are extremely friendly. I felt at home at this cafe that I had only been to that one time. I recommend it to anyone passing through CoHi or looking for a new cafe to try out!

One last thing before I go…
I am thinking of trying this out…what do you think?




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