That’s When You Need to Run the Most

Yesterday morning I was supposed to run 7.5-8 miles. After making breakfast and dilly-dallying for about 2 hours, the words “I would be fine with not doing any workout today” actually came out of my mouth. I was feeling very low-energy yesterday morning, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym or wrap myself in 17 layers to go run outside. I had convinced myself that I would be fine skipping my workout yesterday. But when I said those words to Chris, he responded with something along the lines of “That’s when you need to run the most…when you don’t want to.” I rolled my eyes at his words but 3 minutes later I was in hot pink shorts, my pretty purple sneakers, and a Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo t-shirt and ready to go. We headed down to my apartment gym and I was quite relieved to discover that both treadmills were open.


And that I had a couple magazines and Four Weddings for extra motivation. I usually can’t read on the treadmill…I can barely even read on the elliptical although flipping through is easier…but for some reason I was able to read little tidbits at a time as I trucked along on the machine with which I have a love-hate relationship. Chris ran 3 miles and I ran 4. Surprisingly, no, I am not thinking “HAHA I RAN MORE THAN YOU.” Chris has had a minor back injury for the past couple of weeks (tweaked it while lifting the beer he was brewing, of course) and I am extremely happy that he got to almost 3 miles without any pain. Injuries are frustrating, and I am glad to have him back in the game. Sometimes, when I go on a run, I will take a picture of my completed route and time on MapMyRun and send it to him. An hour later, I will receive a similar picture in which he shows that he ran further than I did. Sometimes it’s the opposite. He is a great source of running motivation for me, whether running beside me on the treadmill or through the streets of DC, or sending me pictures that ignite my inner competitor. Thanks, buddy, for making me run yesterday.

In other running news: this weekend I got an e-mail reveling the Rock’N’Roll DC Half-Marathon Finisher’s Medal and I am SO pumped! I love the incorporation of cherry blossoms and this medal makes me even more excited to cross the finish line. Mine will be the one on the left.


Have a great day!


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