DC Adventures: Blind Dog Cafe and Glen’s Garden Market Beer Run

Hello Polar Vortex! Welcome back.

Two new DC adventures to report.

On Sunday, we wandered down to Blind Dog Cafe in the Shaw neighborhood of DC. It is located in a cute little house on the corner.


Oh Hi Chris! I tricked him and got him to look at the camera. I was instantly intrigued by this cafes location as I have not spent much time in Shaw, so I was excited to explore a new neighborhood. Plus, a cafe located in a cute townhouse rather than a stuffy office building is always a plus for me. (HOWEVER, I must say that Bourbon Coffee, which is located in one of those said stuffy office buildings between 21st and 22nd on K Street NW, still gets my thumbs up as its ambiance is stellar.)



I am also a sucker for stores that use chalkboard signs. I appreciate the creativity and the effort. For whatever reason, I just think that hand-drawn signs add a personal feel that is more likely to draw me in.


The first room of the cafe and the cafe bar.


My cappuccino was awesome. I added a bit of cinnamon to it just because I’m obsessed with cinnamon. For whatever reason, the cup and saucer they used were really lightweight, and I appreciated that as I had to walk to the next room to find a seat and I am always nervous that I am going to slosh my precious café everywhere.


Overall, Blind Dog Cafe gets a thumbs up from me. The front room had a more modern feel, while the back room that I sat in reminded me of Tryst, as it had an eclectic collection of chairs, sofas, futons, and armchairs for which to sit in. I think that the next time I go there could be a completely different experience depending on which room…and chair…I sit in. Another plus? They played good music.

Monday night was adventure #2 of this post: Glen’s Garden Market Beer Run.

Glen’s has been holding these runs since November, but this was the first time I was able to join. I tried to join on the first run but I chose to take the bus to Glen’s, which is only a mile from my apartment, and I was late due to the insane traffic during rush hour. How could I forget about rush hour?! I still ran that night, but I was bummed to miss out on the group run. Here is the deal with these Beer Runs: if you pay $5 and run an untimed 5k with others who show up, you get a pint of beer and a slice of pizza. For FIVE DOLLARS! Pizza, beer, and a workout with new friends who also like pizza and beer? How do you beat that? Here are 5 reasons I liked my first Beer Run with Glen’s:

  • It was my first time, besides during soccer and field hockey practices, that I participated in a group run. Our group was comprised of approximately 10 people and I was impressed with this number as it was pretty cold on Monday night. Chris and his roommate participated as well, so I knew two people but got to meet about 7 others.
  • While Glen’s Garden Market is not a fitness venue, I appreciate and admire the fact that they create and provide events such as this that bring all different people from the neighborhood together.
  • There were ten different types of craft beers to choose from. I chose a cranberry saison and it had the perfect punch.
  • They gave me 2 slices of pizza even though they only advertised one! Win.
  • The pizza was made at Glen’s. We could choose from a Margherita pizza, a Red Beet pizza (ick, I don’t like red beets) and a pizza called ‘The Bully,’ which had sausage and pastrami on it. Obviously I chose that one and it was delicious!

While the group run was only 3 miles, I ran 7.5 miles in total on Monday night. I knew I needed to rack up some miles on my legs for my training. When I got home from work, I ran a quick 3 miles on the treadmill in my apartment gym and then took a break to do laundry. Instead of getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the bus again, I decided to run 1.5ish miles to Glen’s. I took a slightly longer route because the most direct route involved a bridge that scares me at night. Because it was cold outside, I decided to use my lululemon vinyasa scarf. (This is one of the only products I own from lululemon. I am not a fashionable exerciser.) Before I left, I used the video they provided that shows the different ways in which you can tie the scarf.

The video is very helpful, but I still failed at it. While running the first mile to the run, I had some of the snaps undone on the scarf. As I ran, more snaps came undone. Needless to say, I looked like a dementor prancing through the streets of DC (Yes, Harry Potter reference). Actually my scarf probably would have functioned better as Snape’s cloak.

So in total I had a disjointed 7.5-mile run. And on Tuesday, she (me) rested.


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