Abby’s Winter Blog Break?

One week later and I am back. I never actually planned to stop blogging for a week but life got away from me and so did my blog. In any case, I think it’s always good to take a break from the things you do daily, as you don’t want them to wear you out, right?

I am currently sitting and icing my poor heels. My plantar fasciitis is very much awake today. Some day I will give in and wear sneakers with every outfit I wear in order to mend my feet but I can’t seem to pull off that whole sneaks with tights and a skirt thing. Hopefully some day is sooner rather than later so that I don’t have to learn my lesson the hard way, in which I tear my plantar fasciitis…yikes.

The past 5 days included only 2 runs, but they were good runs that deserved at least 2 rest days afterward. On Thursday, I ran 6.8 miles. I was a little bummed with that distance because I was shooting for 8 or 9. My iPhone crapped out when it got down to 40%–it can’t seem to stay alive while running MapMyRun and Pandora under 50% battery life, as this has happened two other times. So with my phone shutting off, my GPS app was gone as well, and I overestimated how far I ran after it. I am usually really good at judging distances, but I think the fact that my last mile or so was compiled of approximately 100 yards of an extremely steep hill that will be in my half marathon course, followed by a less steep–but still significantly steep incline–played into my overestimation.

Abby iPhone 014


MapMyRun also told me that I ran 6.38 miles at a pace of 7.13min/mi which is not true, I promise you. Also, that straight line you see at the very top was not part of my route. The only way that route would have been possible would be if I were flying over trees and traffic which I can promise you, again, I was not. Let’s also not mention the fact that my phone died right after I reached 5.5 miles so I am a tad confused as to how it clocked 6.38 miles. Conundrum.

During the beginning of this run I decided it would be really cool to take pictures of my sneakers mid-run.

Abby iPhone 007

Fail. Hey ground.

Abby iPhone 010

A little bit closer…..

Abby iPhone 009

Look at that quad.
This will probably be my first and last series of running shots like this.

Before I sign off for the night, some other pictures from that run:

Abby iPhone 011

I really liked the back of these houses.

Abby iPhone 012

This part of the run was really boring and I didn’t like the sky here.

Abby iPhone 013

Hey Watergate!

Tomorrow, I will be back with my story of Sunday’s long(er!) run. Until then. 🙂


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