The 8-Mile Figure 8

Sunday was cold, but I still ran 8 miles. I can’t explain (although I’m sure most of you understand) the immense feeling of pride I felt after stopping my run at 8.10 miles. This is the farthest I have ever run, and every time I go my “farthest distance,” it reminds me that we are capable of much more than we believe ourselves to be. Just six months ago, my comfortable distance was 2 miles. Sure, I could run 3 miles, but since I was running it as fast as I could, it was tough. Now I’m running a comfortable 5 miles, with my farthest distance being 8.1. And this Monday I will be tackling the number 9. Training for this half marathon has caused me to strive for distances I never thought myself able to do…both physically AND mentally.

I remember one time a few years ago when I was speaking to a friend of mine who runs every day. When I asked her how many miles she runs regularly each morning, she responded, “Oh, 4 or 5, unless I’m training.”

“4 or 5?!” I thought. That’s impressive. I would get so bored. I wish I could run 4 or 5 miles a day. 

Granted, I’m not running 4 or 5 miles every day. But look where I am now compared to then. With each step I take and each mile I complete, I can feel my body getting stronger. I can feel myself becoming a running machine. Except I am compatible to the iPhone 3s, not the iPhone 5s yet.

Abby iPhone 021

This is one of my favorite pictures right now. I did that.

Abby iPhone 022

If you turn your head to the side (left or right, you choose) then you can see that it is an 8. A squished 8. This was not planned, but my friend pointed out to me that it was ironic that i ran 8 miles in the shape of a figure 8. I agree. Maybe all my runs will be routes that trace out the number of miles I am running. I wonder how I would do 7.5? This run was definitely challenging at points. I chose a course that had a plethora of hills…steep hills, sloping hills, gradual hills, you name it. There were several times when I thought “WHY DID I CHOOSE TO GO THIS WAY?” But then I remembered that my half marathon course is going to be chock full of hills so this is great training for it. I didn’t take many pictures during this run as I was trying to avoid the iPhone death fiasco from Thursday, but I did take a screenshot of this song, which helped push me up a particularly challenging hill. Sometimes Pandora just knows when you need a little push.

Abby iPhone 020

Earlier on Sunday morning I ate an awesome crab benedict at Bistro la Bonne, which was added motivation to hit the pavement for 8 miles.

Abby iPhone 019

Bistro la Bonne is really unassuming from the outside but insanely cute on the inside, plus it has $3 mimosas. I didn’t get any mimosas, but I respect a place that doesn’t charge out of the bum for them.

Abby iPhone 018

Before I sign off for the day… remember that foot picture I showed you? Well, my article debuted on ActiveLifeDC today. Enjoy and keep those ankles strong! In addition to GREAAAAT advice on your ankles, you get to see embarrassing pictures of me demonstrating stretches.

And I will sign off with a simple yet blissfully pretty picture.

Abby iPhone 017


2 thoughts on “The 8-Mile Figure 8

  1. That’s so cool that you accidentally ran in an 8! I know how you feel, I said I was “just” running 5 miles this weekend and my coworkers looked at me like I was insane. Half marathon training is kicking my butt but I love how far I’m able to run on my short days now!

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