Don’t Stop Believin’ and my Icy Demise

I keep taking winter breaks, I apologize.

I was too busy playing in the snow and traveling to Baltimore to 1) write and 2) have anything to really write about.

My mom visited on Sunday (yay!) and we had an amazing brunch at J & G Steakhouse, which is located in the W Hotel right near the White House. It’s not that the food was stellar (it was very good though, don’t get me wrong), but the atmosphere was great and the service was some of the best I have ever experienced. The chairs at our table were like arm chairs, so it felt like I was being served a delicious breakfast in my fancy dining room at home (I don’t actually have one of those, but I imagine the Graysons from Revenge do.) My favorite part about the service? At the beginning of brunch, the server stealthily asked me what my mom’s name was. To which I answered…uhhh you can call her Karen? I was very confused as to why….I thought maybe they just wanted to be able to address her when they ordered. I forgot that when I made the reservation on OpenTable I had written “Showing my mom around DC!” in the notes section. About 10 minutes later, the server brought out a huge plate of fresh fruit with the words “DC Welcomes Karen!” written IN CHOCOLATE around the edge of the plate. That’s how to treat your customers right, folks.

Later, we went to my favorite place in the whole wide world  DC, called Art Jamz. I have probably raved about this place before.

Abby iPhone 014

My painting

Abby iPhone 012

My mom’s  Van Gogh’s painting.

My painting may just seem like a word, but in the moment I chose ‘believe’ it meant a lot to me. I’ve been having a rough time lately….by having a rough time I really mean that I am creating a rough time for myself. I started to lose faith in myself and my ability to: discover my passions, eat healthy, lead a healthy lifestyle, and run my half marathon. I almost stopped believing. I starting forgetting all that I am capable of and though I have a plethora of people in my life who I know for certain believe in me, I stopped believing that, too. For whatever reason, brunch and the environment at Art Jamz ignited my belief spark again. It helped me to regain focus on what is really important and figuring out what I truly want out of life. How to get there? Still working on that. 🙂

believe 4

Monday, I was slated to run 9 miles. I only ended up running 4, but I’m going to pretend it was like running 5 because I had to run in conditions like this:

Abby iPhone 021

Abby iPhone 019

The sidewalks in my neighbordhood and around DC were dry and sunny, but I forgot that the Rock Creek Trail is mostly covered by shadow, so it would probably still be snowy and icy. Alas.

Abby iPhone 016

Abby iPhone 017

Oh hey I took a picture like this again….oops. I had to show you what conditions I was running in though! And the awesome new pants I’m wearing. Got them as a Christmas gift. They fell down the entire time I ran. It was fun.

The icy conditions led to my first fall while running (except for those random times in soccer and field hockey when I would trip over the turf or another player.) I took one step onto the steep downhill start of the trail and down I went. Surprisingly, it wasn’t painful, and I continued on for 3 more miles.

I will leave you with this snowy picture of the White House. It looks gloomy, right?

 Abby iPhone 009


One thought on “Don’t Stop Believin’ and my Icy Demise

  1. “I took one step onto the steep downhill start of the trail and down I went. Surprisingly, it wasn’t painful, and I continued on for 3 more miles.” I pictured you falling/rolling down this steep downhill for 3 miles!! Glad you didn’t though…

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