I found the wall.

When speaking with runners and reading running blogs, I often hear people (….or read, if I am reading blogs) talk about ‘the wall’ that they hit during a marathon.

I have never run a marathon.

But let me tell you, I sure did hit that wall.

On Thursday I ran a random amalgamation of miles around the city. I think I made it to around 5. I had my Nike running app on but I accidentally paused it and restarted it about 4 times. Oops.

Friday, I tried to run again. I really wanted to get in another 4-5 miles, or maybe even 9 if I was feeling speedy! 1.5 miles in and I was done. I had to walk home. This was astounding to me because I am comfortably running 4-5 miles every couple of days by now and I can ALMOST comfortably run 8. How was I ‘hitting a wall’ at 1.5 miles? Flabbergasted. Long story short, I think I was extremely dehydrated. Drink your water, kids. At least I got some good pictures from the run.

Abby iPhone 003

The sky is so scary here! I love scary skies. Also, let me talk about this hill. Where I took this picture from is on the same level as the top of that bridge you see in the picture. The bottom of the hill is a little below where you see that white van/truck. This hill may not seem very steep in this picture, but let me tell you, it’s at about a 90 degree incline. And it’s the hill in my race in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!! Although I hit the wall at 1.5 miles, you better bet that I made myself run up this hill before stopping and dejectedly walking home.

Abby iPhone 007

Abby iPhone 006

Abby iPhone 005

Have you ever hit the wall?

Yesterday I ran 6.1 miles (I was back in the game!!) and I took these lovely shots as I ran:

Abby iPhone 014

Abby iPhone 015

I never ran through this part of town before (I’ve gone by it on busses) and I’ve probably said this before but one of my favorite things about running is exploring new neighborhoods. I would have never known about that beautiful mural had it not been for my run.

I still fear that I am behind on training but Chris tells me that my ‘adrenaline will get me through’ and I hope that is true.

Happy Running!


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