Abby’s Runner’s World Digest

I went through my e-mail today and read all my Runner’s World e-mails. Here is what I learned….

1. A great recovery snack is grapefruit and yogurt. We shall see about that, if I ever remember to buy a grapefruit.


Usually when I eat grapefruit my face looks like this:

2. Rhythmic Breathing can help you run better. This sounds hard. “Coates has developed a new breathing style that synchronizes breathing with foot strike, alternating which foot strikes the ground with each exhalation.” This seems like it could be tricky…..


3. Endurance runners need more protein BUT you are probably already eating a good amount of protein in your daily diet, so no need to go crazy and start shooting protein powder like pixie sticks.

To be honest, I didn’t learn MUCH new from this article, but I still think that is a great article and very easy to read for those who do not have a nutrition or exercise science background.


4. A great strengthening routine for your hip flexors. Right now, I am standing at my desk while on a call so that I can stretch my hip flexors. They are so tight that sitting down actually hurts them, even though I am not actually doing anything except sitting. SITTING IS BAD. Unless it is on a couch, under a blanket, while I drink hot cocoa, eat popcorn, and watch a trashy tv show that makes me feel better about myself. Or Pretty Little Liars. So right now a strength training program is the last thing on my mind as I want to do approximately 3 hours of stretching per hip flexor, HOWEVER, tight hip flexors can lead to problems with your achilles, hamstrings, IT bands, and knees….. Does that achilles thing sound familiar? Yup. To prevent my hip flexors from getting so tight, I need to not only stretch, but I also need to strengthen them because the stronger my muscles are, the more they can withstand, and the less quickly they will get so tight. Make sense?

And that concludes my Runner’s World lesson for today, folks.


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