Double Digits!

You guys.

Yesterday, I ran 10 miles. Did you hear that? TEN MILES!!! Prior to yesterday, my furthest distance was 8ish. I finally reached double digits and I feel so much better about my half marathon, which is in 12 days!!!


My run started in Rock Creek Park, where I got to watch all the traffic at a standstill. It was thrilling! There was a snowstorm today that people were freaking out about–gotta get out of the city before Snowstorm Titan (aka Snowmageddon part 43) comes! I was really happy I was running and not stuck in a car. Usually, this part of Rock Creek bores me unless it is Autumn and I have a lot of pretty leaves to look at. However, I felt so strong and fast in my run yesterday so I was loving every second of it. Did I mention that I finished my 10 miles with an average pace of 9 minutes and 33 seconds? I felt like Superwoman.


Miles 4-7 were completed on the National Mall. Despite the fact that it was drizzling for a couple of hours yesterday, people were still out and about. The Capitol looks a lot prettier when it isn’t the same color as the sky……


They started taking down the scaffolding of the monument months ago and it seems like it has been left like this for a while. I wonder if the scaffolding will stay like this forever, always reminding us of the Earthquake. Poor broken monument. I will be your friend.


I really wanted to take a ride on this. I still love Carousels because I pretend I am royalty riding my horse around the kingdom. In circles.


Look, there is my castle!!

I honestly can’t even express to you how elated I am that I completed not only 10 miles, but 10 miles at a 9:33 min/mile pace. That pace is a whole 1 minute faster than I anticipated. 5 years ago, I skipped out on running a 6-mile Jingle Bell Fun Run because I didn’t think I could run 6 miles. Yesterday, I ran 10. It just goes to show that people can change, and you can do anything you put your mind to with proper preparation and determination.

One of the greatest accomplishments (and feelings) in the world is challenging yourself to do something and then doing it…no matter how many times you try and how many barriers you come across.

Before I sign off for the day, I have to show you the shoes I got for $28. YES, $28. I love Marshall’s. This is my first pair of Saucony running shoes and I am beyond stoked to try them out. Also, teal is my FAVORITE color, so these were perfect in every way.


Also, last week I got through a 7-mile treadmill run with Britney. Britney never lets me down.




6 thoughts on “Double Digits!

  1. CONGRATS! I think running my first 10 miler was waaaaay more exciting than running my first 11 miler – it’s something about hitting those double digits! It sounds like half marathon training is going well!

    • Thank you!!! I am still pumped about it and with each long run I do, I get more and more obsessed with running. My race is in 10 days (ah!) and I think I was supposed to get up to 12 miles but I think my max will be 10. How was the Disney Half?!

    • Thank you! My sidewalks became quite invisible after that run as later that night and Monday morning we got approximately 8 inches of snow. DC isn’t great at the whole winter weather thing, despite all the snow storms we had this winter. Today they are looking much more visible but there are some icy patches, so I will probably be resigned to the treadmill until this weekend. Sigh.

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