Happy Hump Day! Walking and Yoga

My half marathon is in THREE DAYS. Technically 2.5 I guess.

I started tapering after my 10-mile run two Sundays ago. Training plans that I have looked at differ on what you should do in the last two weeks, so I decided to do what I thought was best for me. Since I have been suffering from extremely tight achilles tendons, calves, and also plantar fasciitis, I wanted to make sure I rested them adequately before tackling the half.

I reached out to some running personalities on twitter and I really took the following advice to heart:


With that being said, just because I laid low on running didn’t mean I was going to be sedentary. Instead of running, I’ve been walking. No, I haven’t been walking 10 miles, but I’ve kept moving. Every other day or so I’ve been walking a little over 2 miles at a time and I’ve been making sure to move at least once an hour while at work.

Here is the KICKER: I’ve been making sure to only walk in my sneakers. I finally relented two weeks ago and decided that if I really wanted to stop being in pain I needed to wear sneakers whenever walking, even just to the metro, no matter how goofy it made me look.


Today I am going to take a short 2ish mile run to test out my newest running gadget, which I will share with you later!

In addition to walking, I took a yoga class earlier this week at a studio called Buddha B. I was really excited to be back in the yoga game, but the studio got a little warm toward the end of the class and the class was way too crowded for the room it was in, so it was hard to focus. My favorite part of the day was actually that I rode a bike to yoga and the yoga mat fit perfectly!

photo 1

Don’t worry, I wasn’t riding while I took this picture. I was completely stopped. Safety first!

photo 2

See? Perfect fit! I love Bikeshare.

photo 3

Despite the warmth and crowded room, I really liked the studio. I will probably be writing a review on it soon, in which I will delve more into the details.

Have a great Hump Day!


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