Never Been Prouder to Wear a Bib


My first half marathon is TOMORROW!

If I wasn’t pumped before (I was) I definitely am now! Yesterday I traveled to the Stadium Armory in DC to pick up my first ever race packet and my bib!


I must admit, I remember how cool it is to live in Washington, DC when the building to pick up my race packet is the same building that houses the National Guard. I planned on getting in and out of there as soon as possible because I get itchy around crowds and also the location isn’t very convenient for me and I had to make it to a very exciting happy hour (which I will talk about in a couple minutes) and it would take me 30-45 minutes to get there from Stadium Armory. However, I lingered a little longer because the environment inside the Expo was filled to the brim with energy and it was contagious. It was so exciting to look around at all the people who I will be running with tomorrow. I had a couple awe-inspiring moments where I just thought “I’m one of them, I’m one of them!!”

photo 4

There was no line to wait in to get my bib, which was great. I am really glad that I listened to my friend’s advice to go yesterday rather than today because all the out-of-towners will arrive today and swarm the Expo. I asked the woman who gave me my bib to take a picture of me. I think she was slightly skeptical of me, but there wasn’t a line so I didn’t feel bad about capturing this very exciting moment and milestone in my life. Please pay no attention to my hair, as I just came from outside and yesterday there were winds that almost blew me from the sidewalk to the street at one point. I’m going to have to figure out something more aerodynamic to do with my hair tomorrow.

photo 5

And then I made another person take a picture of me in front of this sign. No shame, but then I took his picture in front of it, too, so it evened out. The countdown! I believe right now we are at about….18 hours. After my photo shoot, I had a good time wandering around the Expo. Most stands were there to sell you things, and after my huge fitness purchase on Tuesday, I knew I needed to keep my wallet closed. However, it was still fun to mill around in the energetic and excited environment and some stands were handing out some great info and free tidbits, such as free organic granola, Lara Bars, and fuel for the race. I’m a sucker for free samples. I also ran into an old friend there, which was nice!

After the Expo, I headed to El Tamarindo  for an ActiveLifeDC Happy Hour. I don’t know if you’ve checked out ALDC yet, but if you live in the DMV area, or even if you plan on visiting it, you definitely should!


I am so glad I was able to attend this Happy Hour, as the first one that was held was while I was in Germany, so I missed it. I finally got to meet so many amazing people and bloggers who I’ve talked to via e-mail or whose blog I’ve followed. Below, you can check out the blogs of the awesome fitness and running fanatics who I met last night:

Mary at minutespermile
Jamie at runthedistrict
Sophie at life’s philosphie
Erin at Happiness in Hindsight
Doug at Rock Creek Runner
Megan at A Better Year to a Better Life

And, I finally got to meet Troy, the creator of ActiveLifeDC! Meeting all of these people was so inspiring, as most of them have been runners for a much longer time than I have been, so they were able to give me great advice for my *first* race tomorrow–thank you!

Off I go to tackle the outside world–Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Never Been Prouder to Wear a Bib

  1. How exciting for you! I just decided to run my first half this year. I haven’t signed up or anything yet, but yay! You’ll do great!

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