4 Things Not to Do and 24 Happiness Quotes

Tuesday was my first workout since my half marathon this past Saturday. I tweaked my back in the race and my legs were really sore so I wanted to take things easy and let my body recover and repair. I attended a class with a friend that was half cycle and half sculpt, which is a format I have always been intrigued by but never tried. Spinning for 30 minutes was a great choice–it allowed me to get my legs moving to loosen up tight muscles and remove excess lactic acid that accumulated during the race. Truth be told, I’m not a huge spinning fan. It hurts my bum and I just get bored after 20-30 minutes. The fact that I only had to cycle for 30 minutes in this class was a big plus. The only downside was that during some of the songs the instructor had us to jumps waaaay too quickly. I didn’t have enough time to get situated in any of the positions before we were switching to the next one, and that was frustrating.

While I got in a relatively good sweat (I didn’t mind keeping things low-key for my first workout back) there were definitely some things that were off about the class. The instructor, while equipped with a bubbly and motivational personality perfect for being a group fitness instructor, seemed unprepared and did some things that I definitely told my students NOT to do when I taught a group fitness instructor training class. While being able to give your class a good workout, there is also a certain level of professionalism that needs to be there…. as well as a HUGE safety factor.

4 Things You Should Probably Not Do As a Group Fitness Instructor

1. Skip the warm-up


Skipping a warm-up is a surefire way to prepare your class for injuries, early exhaustion, and painfully sore muscles the next day. Your class needs the time to warm up every muscle, gradually increase their heart rate, and mentally prepare for the class. Play it safe…having someone’s heart rate jump from resting (around 65-70) to 140 is a no no.

2. Bash your boss…repeatedly

nick uncomfortable gif

We do not care. We do not need to know. In addition, if you’re bashing the boss of the facility that we are currently working out in, you are diminishing the credibility of the facility, yourself, and the very class you are teaching. Also, it makes you come off as a negative person, which is the last person I need or want at the front of my GF class.

3. Talk about other patrons to your class

Once again–credibility of the facility, yourself, and the class. If you are talking about another patron to me in a negative manner, what is stopping you from talking about ME in a negative manner? Also, that’s just mean. Gyms can already be uncomfortable to be at. Don’t make it worse. Professionalism, people.

4. Mention your ‘camel toe’


Yes, my instructor did this Tuesday night. No, I don’t have anything else to add to this. Just don’t do this. Ever.

Because I don’t want to end on a negative note, here are 24 Happiness Quotes….or 24 Quotes that are supposed to make you happy. Something like that. My favorite:





One thought on “4 Things Not to Do and 24 Happiness Quotes

  1. SO many good points here! Glad you brought all this up and Zooey’s face says it all 🙂 Hopefully, if anyone goes to a class like now this they’ll realize this is NOT how instructors should be teaching. And they’ll feel free to slow down the jumps like we did…

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