Better than Reese’s

Happy Monday! At least…I am going to try to make it a happy Monday…Mondays are tough.
I planned on running this weekend but I ended up walking a ton on Saturday and my feet hurt so I did a strength workout on Sunday instead. I decided I REALLY wanted to make a quick graphic for you to show you my workout. Basically, I warmed up on the treadmill for about 7 minutes (walked 2, jogged 5) and then did the below circuit 4 times. In between each circuit I did 20 jumping jacks. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a solid workout. I can really feel it in my back, abs, and shoulders today. Can’t wait to start pounding the pavement again, though! Capture   This weekend I made one of my favorite treats every–chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs. My mom’s side has been making these little bites of amazing choco-peanutbuttery goodness since before I can even remember, so I obviously have to carry on the tradition. IMG_5173   This is my mom’s recipe card, which makes it all the better. Nothing like a handwritten recipe to make me feel closer to home and to my mamacita. I really enjoy the ducks at the bottom. IMG_5179Making candies (I couldn’t call these baked goods because they don’t involve an oven) is a great activity to do with friends. Getting powdered sugar sprayed all over you from the mixer isn’t nearly as fun when you don’t have someone there to laugh at you. IMG_5177   One of the most important parts of the process is effectively melting the chocolate. Chocolate burns easily, and nothing tastes more sad or heartbreaking than burnt chocolate. They recommend that you use a double boiler to melt chocolate, but as Leighann and I are poor entry-level 20-somethings, we don’t have a double boiler. We used Leighann’s baby crock pot, which was perfect, you just have to remember to stir often otherwise some of the chocolate chips stick to the side and burn. When I made these myself a couple of years ago, I just boiled water in a regular pot and put a glass bowl filled with chocolate chips. It was my own homemade double boiler. As for what chocolate to choose, that is really up to you. We used semi-sweet chocolate chips and I think that worked out just fine, but if you want to be fancy you can get special chocolate and also do both milk and dark chocolate. IMG_5180   MMMMM PEANUT BUTTER! Don’t be discouraged if your mix looks crumbly. As soon as you smush it together it will be fine, just fine. Yum. IMG_5181

So many naked peanut butter eggs!


Starting to clothe the eggs in chocolate. I wish I could be clothed in chocolate. Lucky eggs.


The end result! Sorry, my iPhone was too excited to take a clear picture of these yummy things. Full disclosure: I think that these eggs are better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs that come out for Easter. I don’t want Reese’s to sue me or anything, but these eggs are just the perfect PB and confectioners sugar combination. Plus they are homemade and don’t cost $2.50 a pop. (Dear Reese’s: If this post makes you angry I will take it down in exchange for 3 20-pound boxes of Reese’s PB cups and eggs………)


My friend and I made the eggs at her place in (scary) Virginia, and afterwards it was so nice out that I walked back across the bridge to the wonderful District of Columbia.


Fuzzy, but still pretty. I used to bike across this bridge all the time when I worked at Gold’s Gym and I miss the view.


Sometimes I am convinced that Georgetown University is Hogwarts.



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