Things I’m Loving Friday

One of my favorite bloggers, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers, does a post every Friday titled “Things I’m Loving Friday.” I always love these posts because they often give me ideas of new things to try–like a book or a lotion–and also because it reminds me to focus on the things that make me smile rather than the things that get me down. I cannot promise I will post a list every Friday, but I am going to try to on the Fridays that I can. I may come up with a new title for it just because I don’t want to completely copy Julie, although her Things I’m Loving Friday posts are definitely my inspiration!

Things I’m Loving Friday

1. Strengths Finder 2.0
1-strengths-finder-20My company has an amazing Learning & Development department, and one of the sessions they host on a regular basis is the Strengths Finder course. We each got the above book that included our own personal code, which we could use to take the online Strengths Finder test to unlock our Top 5 Strengths. I eat this type of stuff up–I just find it so incredibly interesting. The purpose of the course is to discuss the different strengths–there are 34 total–and how you can apply your strengths to your job. My top 5 strengths are:

  • Input
  • Strategic
  • Developer
  • Learner
  • Empathy

The site also provides you with a thoroughly detailed description of each strength, which I used to create the below Strength Concept map for myself.




2. My Lunch for the Past Week


I apologize if this looks gross to you, but I promise you it tastes great! Lemon chicken combined with Avocado Tuna Salad. I’ve made this Avocado Tuna Salad a couple of times and I love it because it replaces mayo (which scares me) with creamy avocado. I have also been obsessed with making lemon chicken lately because it is so easy but so tasty. (TIP: Make sure you make the chicken pieces small enough so that the lemon juice has a chance to soak into the chicken. If you try this with chicken pieces that are too big, the chicken will taste bland and not very lemony.) Avocado Tuna Salad and Lemon Chicken with some Feta Cheese and a tad of brown rice thrown in make a tasty meal with a  variety of flavors that surprisingly fit together very well.

3. What Alice Forgot



I borrowed this picture from the internet as I didn’t have a picture of the copy I am currently reading, and when I went to the website the picture is from so I could link it back (as you should always do if you are borrowing others’ pictures), it turned out that this picture is from a Book Review that Julie from PB Fingers wrote over a year ago. Ironic, much? I swear I am not copying everything you do Julie!

What Alice Forgot is a great book that has had me hooked since I opened it. I actually look forward to my metro commute to and from work every day because it gives me time to read it.

4. Reviewing Fitness Classes

So far, I have reviewed two fitness classes for Active Life DC. Below is a picture of the girls I took the a Pilates class with this past Tuesday. The instructor, Erin, is third from the left in the orange tank. She also happens to be my former boss and current friend! Look for my review of her amazing class on Active Life DC soon. Full disclosure: although Erin is a good friend of mine, she received the same honest feedback I provide to instructors I don’t know as well–no bias here!



I really enjoy reviewing classes because it gives me the chance to try out new things and it also helps me stay more engaged with each class because I really have to pay attention! You can read my post about reviewing fitness classes here.


I’m going to end with 4 things today, although truth be told I am loving a lot more. These are the first four that come to mind, though. Happy Friday!


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