Things I’m Loving Friday (dos)


I am back for the second edition of Things I am loving Friday. You can find the first one here. Thanks again to Julie for the post inspiration!


1. Finding TreasuresIMG_5231

The laundry room in my building has a table for folding laundry, but it always ends up being a donation table, where people leave items that they don’t want anymore but also don’t want to throw away. I randomly wandered into the laundry room on Tuesday night–I wasn’t even doing laundry–and I found this little vase. I find it quaint and unique (even though there are probably thousands like it) and the fact that I found it rather than bought it makes it even better. I am a scavenger at heart.

2. Amazon


I am consistently satisfied with my Amazon experience. First off, I always find things I want for the cheapest price. Second, their Prime option is fabulous. Not having to worry about shipping is such a relief and burden lifted and it is never much more expensive than the non-Prime options. Thirdly, I always know what I’m going to get from Amazon due to the reviews provided. Amazon has created a great customer base through it’s great customer service, meaning that customers take the time to adequately review their purchases. AND Amazon PAYS ATTENTION! Should anything go wrong with your order, or should you be dissatisfied with any purchase, they will work diligently and timely to rectify the problem. I bought this TENS unit last night–it is a machine used in Physical Therapy to promote healing and I really wanted one for my plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis, as it keeps flaring up and I want to get back into running ASAP. $33 is a STEAL and the fact that there are 198 reviews is awesome.

3. Springtime on Rooftops


Spring is here!! It took a while, but I am so happy to finally be able to sit outside again. This was from Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan.

4. Reading

I always love reading, not just today. Reading is such a great escape sometimes, but I also appreciate it because each book holds not only stories but opportunities to learn more about myself–especially books like this one. I plan on doing a post soon outlining the main points because I think it could be helpful to everyone.

5. The Happiness Challenge

The happiness challenge has been a great exercise for me. It helps me remember each day to focus on the positives. My recap of the challenge this week:

Day 1: Giving back
photo 1 (2)

Day 2: Colors and Patterns


Day 3: Coffee in a cat mug from my mama and a healthy smoothie: perfect start to the day


4. I had two! Reading the book above and a coffee on the house from Pret.


Have a great Friday night! 


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