Running in Suburbia

I am blogging from my phone, please excuse any brevity, awkward formatting, or random autocorrects.

Yesterday I flew down to Charlotte, NC, to visit my grandparents, who live in South Carolina, about ten minutes over the NC border. I packed three running outfits with me and told myself I had to run at least once while here, with the ultimate goal of running 3 times. Well, I completed my minimal goal of running at least once!

This is the second time I ran since the half. I’ve been trying to rest my feet and lower legs–I only planned to rest for a week after the half but my feet have been really bothering me lately. This plantar fasciitis thing stinks. I am so frustrated because I’ve been resting and wearing sneakers everywhere (as opposed to flats or flip flops.) I just can’t seem to shake it off. So, when I run now I have to stop and stretch every mile or so to prevent aches and cramping in my feet and calves. Any thoughts? Today my stretching partners were weeds.





6 thoughts on “Running in Suburbia

  1. Sorry about your plantar fascitis… have you heard of or tried the Strassburg sock? (not sure if I can insert a link here, but Google it!) It is a little uncomfortable and a lot weird-looking, but it really helped me when I had PF. It keeps your foot stretched while you are sleeping. It made a big difference for me because clearly when I was sleeping things weren’t right, and I’d always hurt in the morning until I started using it.

    • Thanks! I have heard of socks like that but never the specific Strassburg sock. I’m going to look it up–at this point I am willing to try anything! Especially if you say it helped you. My feet and achilles tendons are always so tight in the morning. Did you notice any soreness/stiffness in your calves or achilles tendons, too?

      • Yes! I was actually told that my calf tightness is what set everything off. What I did (and I think you are already doing) was wear sneakers as much as possible (even to work, where I looked bizarre), stretch my calves as much as possible, and also use compression socks, sometimes even overnight. Even though I am well over a year past the PF, I still find the calf/Achilles stuff creeping up regularly. I have noticed certain yoga poses really hit that area in a good way, so that might also be something to consider. It’s a battle! 🙂

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