A Fit DC Weekend: DC Fit and the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler

Finally, I have a chance to update you on last weekend! I didn’t have access to wireless this week, so I was only posting from my phone. I actually enjoyed being away from a computer. Yes, I still had access to the internet on my phone, but it was nice to not have a huge screen in front of my face for hours on end. It’s amazing how addicting technology can become, isn’t it?

Moving on…

Last weekend was jam-packed and filled with early mornings. On Saturday, I woke up early to meet Christy for coffee prior to DC Fit. A couple of weeks ago, I won a free ticket to DC Fit from Allison. I was so excited to win because a) I never win things and b) I was so pumped to be attending an event directly related to the DC fitness community! Washington, DC has a TON of events…all the time. However, other than the weekly fitness classes and the occasional session on a fitness-related topic such as Myofascial Release, not too many events in DC are dedicated to fitness and wellness.


Unfortunately, Christy and I struck out at the coffee place I suggested because when I got there, it was shut down. There wasn’t even any evidence that it had existed there before. I was bummed because the place had GREAT reviews on Yelp. And I was also confused because I had checked and double checked Yelp beforehand and it said it was open from 8am-2pm on Saturday. I called the number on Yelp and the owner answered me and informed me that they had shut down that location and were opening somewhere else that I can’t remember because my heart was too busy being broken by the fact that it was closed. According to the owner, he had contacted Yelp several times asking them to update the site with the closure, but they never answered. Dear Vigilante Coffee: 1) Thank you for answering your phone and doing Yelp’s job and 2) Where are you opening up in DC next?!

Regardless, it was really great to get to know Christy and to get to know another DC blogger and runner. Sometimes you just need someone who speaks your language, you know?

DC Fit was held at the Long View Gallery near the Convention Center in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. I am obsessed with this venue–it is a relatively open floor plan but also has separate spaces. It also has exposed brick, which is one of my favorite stylistic features of any restaurant, home, venue, etc. I just think it makes spaces seem a lot warmer and a lot less antiseptic.

When we got there, they had us wait outside because we were a little early. We spent fifteen-twenty minutes chatting about running and half-marathons with another friend we met. Our sneakers were perfectly color-coordinated. And that yellow pair appears to be quite reflective.


DC Fit had a pretty good spread of events, which you can see below. I really liked how there was never an informational session AND a fitness session going on at the same time.


We started off with a Barre class hosted by Sports Club LA. I’ve never tried Barre before, so I was excited to try something new, as I’ve heard great things about it. They had portable balance bars set up, but unfortunately there were a lot of people who wanted to participate and just not enough bar space. We ended up pushing the bars to the side for the second half of the class and just relying on our own balance. Overall, it was a good experience–the instructor was upbeat despite the crowded circumstances and she was constantly walking throughout the crowd to ensure that everyone had the proper form. I would probably try a barre class before–my legs and butt were really burning at the end.



IMG_5264Next up was a nutrition/healthy eating session in which Allison was a panelist. Allison and another panelist are Healthy Eating Specialists at different Whole Foods branches, which I find fascinating. The third panelist was Marina Hotkova of Get Lean Life. These three were great panelists and gave some great advice–look for a post of their healthy eating tips soon! I learned some great tips from them and can’t wait to share with you.

The informational sessions and the expo room were my favorite parts of DC Fit. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling an intense workout and didn’t feel up to participating in Tabata or Boot Camp, although I believe the featured instructors provided some great workouts. The other informational session I attended was Lifetime Fitness–I didn’t learn much new as both of my degrees were essentially in this area, but it was still really enjoyable to listen to three experts talk about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. One of the panelists said something that really hit home with me: If you are going to commit to something, commit to it 100%. This is so true, and it is advice that I really need to start following. You can’t half-ass your healthy lifestyle–it just won’t work. Another panelist, Laurent Amzallag, spoke about the Mediterranean lifestyle, which fascinated me.  Perhaps I will explore it more? Who’s up to that challenge with me?

The only downside to the info sessions was that, due to the relatively open layout of Long View Gallery (there were walls but they were only 3/4 of the way to the ceiling and they only split up sections about halfway, not all the way) it was hard to hear some of the panelists at times because noise carried over from those mingling in the fitness areas.

Overall, DC Fit was a great experience and I hope they make it an annual thing. I ended up leaving around 12:30 because the yoga class I wanted to take ran out of mats and filled up, even though I arrived ten minutes ahead of time. I had already seen most of the Expo and tried out all the great food from Sweet Green (you MUST try out their seasonal salad–I don’t usually like tofu but this salad was rockin’), Sweet Leaf, and Jrink Juicery, so I grabbed my goodie bag and set out to enjoy the beautiful, yet windy, day in DC.





On Sunday morning I woke up at the bright and early time of 6:30am to support my good friends Mat and Leighann in the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler. I meant to sign up for this race this year but I unfortunately forgot and missed the deadline–oh well! It was fun to be on the sidelines of the race this time and it was a B.E.A.UUUTIFUL day for a run. I ran from my apartment to the starting point of the run, which was about 2.7 miles. It was my first time running since my half marathon and boy was that 2.7 miles difficult. That also could be because I was practically sprinting in order to get to the race on time 🙂


Such a beautiful day in our nation’s capital!

IMG_5287Go runners go! At times, I found myself cheering alone, which was slightly awkward. HINT: If you go to a race to cheer on a friend, don’t just cheer on your friend when you see them. Cheer on ALL the runners–you never know who might need encouragement at that very moment. One of the things that kept me going in my half was the random people who made signs for everyone and were cheering on everyone. It warmed my heart and made me smile–I LOVED seeing my friends on the sidelines, but in between sightings of friends the cheering strangers were amazing and encouraging as well.



Mat and Leighann! They finished with amazing times–Leighann crushed her goal of a 9:30 pace and finished with a 9-minute pace and Mat crushed his goal of a 7:00 min pace (SPEEDY GONZALEZ OVER HERE) and finished with a 6:44 pace. So proud of my friends! I am convinced that Mat went so fast because his legs are really long but that is another story.

That’s my fun, fitness-filled weekend for you!

How will you be active this weekend? 




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