Monday Morning Mad Dash

Happy Monday!

I hope you are enjoying your week so far and had a great weekend. Here in DC the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Shmab 097 Shmab 096

On Saturday, we were able to spend the evening on a friend’s back porch. Please excuse the fuzzy quality of my pictures–the iPhone 4 camera does NOT like sundown. Our friend Jenny made us a drink called a Gin Ricky (I’ve never heard of this before) and it was refreshing and light–not too sweet at all. The perfect drink to enjoy on a balmy spring evening. It was a really laid back day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of 2014 for me so far. I FINALLY found the Capital Bikeshare bike of the season–the Bike in Bloom bike! I am an avid Bikeshare user (not as much as when I worked at my last job but I still use it as much as possible) and the Bike in Bloom really excited me. I rode it around for a little just to say I rode it, even though I found it when I was already at my end destination. Apparently, yesterday was the last day for it so now I am even more pumped!

Shmab 098

Pretty in Pink!! Please excuse my wrinkly shirt. That’s what happens when I ride a bike!

Shmab 100

She’s so pretty I can’t even take it.

Shmab 101

I spent the morning watching Chris and some friends play Ultimate Frisbee in Rock Creek Park. It looked like a lot of fun and I definitely plan on actually playing next time I can join! Afterwards, we ate outside at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants and cafes–Open City.

Shmab 102

The weather stayed nice today, so I motivated myself to take a 2.5 mile run before I got ready for work. I got a little nervous that I would take too long so I ran it probably a little faster than I should have–it was a mad dash to get back and get showered. It was so beautiful out and it was a such a great start to my Monday. I am hoping that the Spring weather motivates me to do this more often, but I can’t promise anything.

Moving on from the Monday Morning Mad Dash (maybe I will make a 5K race and call it that… you think people would run it with me?)… I have spoken about Active Life DC a lot, and I am going to talk about it again right now. Earlier today I was putzing around on the site and I found this great article.


Pigeon Pose is my favorite yoga pose. It is such a great hip opener and I need to do this stretch more. Even if you are not extremely active, I think this stretch is fantastic.

Well, I’m signing off for now. Have a great night!


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