Back to Basics: Squat like a Baby

HAPPY FRIDAY! Later, I will follow up with a Things I’m Loving Friday post. For now, let’s get fitness-y.

About two weeks ago, I started Personal Training a friend. It’s been a great experience so far, as I get to know him better and I get to put to use the ACE Personal Training certificate I just renewed in February (I have been a Personal Trainer since February 2012). I stopped training when I left my graduate assistantship and started my (first) full-time job.

I train my friend in his office building gym when he gets out of work. I was able to leave work a little earlier yesterday and so he let me into his building gym so I could sneak in a good work out before our training session.

exercise idea, workout idea, workout graphic

My theme for my workout yesterday was ‘Back to Basics.’ I just really needed a good lift session and didn’t want to venture into anything too fancy. Sometimes, when my workout is just a bunch of fancy exercises I tend to forget really important body parts that need strengthening–like my core, for instance!

I started off with barbell squats. Squats are one of my favorite exercises because they are BASIC (put barbell on back, squat) yet they are such a great full body exercise.

squats and exercise

Now when I say basic, I do not mean that there are not still safety concerns. When doing a squat, please remember the three following things:

  1. Keep a flat back. Do not hunch or arch. Chest facing forward at all times.
  2. Feet shoulder-width apart. You do not want your knees to go outward because your feet are too close together.
  3. NEVER, ever, ever let your knees bend in front of your toes. Bad, bad, bad.

    squat exercise           This is an awesome graphic and I had to include it. Squat like this baby! Seriously. Do not be afraid to drop your butt down.

I then decided to make better use of the space between the squat rack and the weights I used for bicep curls and shoulder presses–I plank side walked there instead of regular walking. Great core work out!

weights and exercise

I did not lift weights while standing on the BOSU ball.

After my workout and the training session, I grabbed a quick drink with a friend and then headed home to make the below dinner.

photo 5For whatever reason, I was really proud of this plate (not as proud of this blurry picture, but that’s a different story.)

I worked really hard to add in all the food groups to this plate and MOST IMPORTANTLY, to get my portion sizes correct. Portion size is my biggest challenge, so I actually measured out some things last night. That is 1/2 a cup of gluten-free pasta (I am trying gluten-free items out for my stomach, not for weight loss.) Also, did you know that the serving size for arugula is THREE CUPS? That made me happy.

Also, one more happy note for today:

My mom sent me this t-shirt in the mail and I am P-U-M-P-E-D to wear it. She is THE best. Thanks, mamacita!

photo 2



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