5 Things I Love About Exercising Outside

1. Getting creative with the built and/or natural environment

photo 1

Why THANK you, stairs. I will in fact use you for stair running, calf stretches, and calf raises. You are so kind.

2. The Runner’s Nod

I often find that as I am passing other runners we exchange a smile or a nod as if we are saying “We are in this together, you’re doing great.” I’ve never tried high fiving someone on a treadmill because I fear I’ll fall off or accidentally push them off or something…..

runners running waving

Sometimes I smile and nod at a runner and they just look at me or stare straight past me so I just tell myself he or she was REALLY focused on his or her run and didn’t even notice my awesome gesture of running companionship and chivalry. I empathize with Tom Brady.

3. Utilizing Different Terrains and Built-in Hills


When running on a trail or the sidewalk, I’ll often switch over to the grass every once in a while. It’s great for your joints and it’s also just a nice change.


This is the hill I tackled during my half marathon. Nothing beats a natural hill….especially not running on an incline on a treadmill. Not my thing.

4. Nature
, enough said


photo 1

Abby iPhone 021

5. Exploring my city…or a new one!

photo 1



5 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Exercising Outside

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  2. I have always loved running outside – being one with nature and the early morning waking sounds of the world … it is my time of day and my place to be. As a result I don’t see too many others, but am always enthusiastic when I do! 🙂

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