Things I’m Loving Friday (PART CINCO)

Happy Friday!

You can find the first four editions below:
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I realize that I’ve had two of these posts in one week because I wrote one on Monday, but I wanted to get back on my Friday schedule.

1. Fun Coffee Mugs
Chris and I wandered into this coffee shop this past weekend and I saw people drinking out of these mugs. I love when coffee shops give you real mugs to drink out of when you are staying there to drink your coffee. When I saw these unique mugs I knew I would be back, and sure enough, when I decided to work remotely on Wednesday, I found myself back at this coffee shop drinking out of this mug. For some reason it made me feel more sophisticated. I refilled my coffee more because I wanted to keep drinking out of this mug than because I wanted more coffee.


2.  Olay Moisturizer
I’ve been using this type of moisturizer for a couple years now. When I ran out last week I contemplated buying a different type but I couldn’t. I just love this kind so much. I love the simple scent, the fact that it has sunscreen, and the fact that it never gets goopy. It also doesn’t feel heavy on my face which is means a thumbs up from me!


3. Stroga
Stroga is a fitness studio in a neighborhood close to mine that has strength and yoga classes (strength + yoga =Stroga, get it?). I have been wanting to try out Stroga for a while now but to be honest, $18 for a drop in class is a little too expensive for my entry-level salary. BUT–two weeks ago I got a Groupon for Stroga–10 classes for $35, which is A STEAL! I went to a yoga class there on Wednesday night and I really enjoyed it. Stroga is a GORGEOUS venue. The window you see below is what you see when you walk up the steps, and the ceiling is in the BALLROOM where the yoga class was held. Last night I also did yoga with a friend (not a formal class, she was just practicing her technique) and I am really loving having it back in my life. IMG_5466



4. The flowers, the flowers! 
I have seen a ton of flowers lately and the colors are making me really happy. I was thrilled to see so many on my run today.

IMG_5468 IMG_5469 IMG_5470 IMG_5471 IMG_5473 IMG_5474


4. Goodreads
Goodreads is a fantastic website and app that a co-worker introduced me to. On it, you can rate books that you have already read. Once you rate 20, it will give you recommendations of books it thinks you will like based on your ratings. You can also write reviews and create a list of books you want to read. It’s been a great resource for me since there are always a ton of books I want to read but I can never track. I currently have 22 books on my ‘To Read’ list! Currently, I am reading Gone Girl. About 30 pages in and I like it so far. I just finished I Am Malala.



5. Random Running Trails
I found this little trail on my run earlier today. It didn’t last very long but it was still a nice break from the sidewalk. I tried to imagine I was really off-roading….



Have a fabulous Friday!

What is one thing YOU are loving today?


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Friday (PART CINCO)

  1. I love this post! I really love the numbering error, haha. I thought I was going crazy when I saw 3 twice 😉 That Stroga building is BEAUTIFUL. and I love the flowers too. The vibrant colors of spring make me so incredibly happy. I love fun coffee mugs, but not the ones that have something in the bottom. I have one that has a little giraffe standing in the bottom of the mug and for some reason that freaks me out. haha.
    I nominated you for a Liebster award on my page. I only found your page recently, but I really enjoy it! Keep it up!

    • Haha, thanks for the catch! I will change that ASAP 🙂 And thank you SO Much for the Liebster award–that’s so awesome of you.

      I agree with your thought on mugs–cute on theory but the last thing I need is to swallow a tiny ceramic giraffe because it cracked off the bottom oh my mug. Also–is that dishwasher safe? Seems dangerous. I’ll stick to mugs with decor on the outside. Coffee is all I need on the inside….unless it’s hot chocolate…or hot apple cider……oy vey

      • oh dear god, if I choke on the giraffe, I’ve got big issues. I don’t chug my coffee, I sip it and enjoy it. That giraffe is large. haha. I don’t worry about things being dishwasher safe right now because it doesn’t work. haha mmm hot cider sounds yummy right now. 😉

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