Running for Time

Happy Monday! (I started this post last night and originally wrote Happy Sunny Sunday… is not as sunny of a Monday, sigh.)

Last night was spent with this sweet girl–Buska. She LOVES that frisbee.


We spent about 45 minutes in front of the fire, but then it got rainy and super windy. I was bummed because I really wanted to make s’mores–but we made them in the microwave later anyway.


Yesterday, Chris and I got $5 margaritas from El Chucho because roofdeck + sunny day = $5 margs. And they were good. Reaaaal good. Chris had Chili salt around his glass and I had regular because I am boring.



After margaritas I made a wish. Not telling you what the wish was, though! Then it won’t come true. (To be truthful I’m not sure what it was so even if it does come true WHO’S TO KNOW?!)


Lastly, I rounded out my weekend with a run. For the hour before I ran I was going back and forth between whether or not I wanted to run. And then, when walking from the bus to my apartment, two things convinced me I needed to:

  • I looked at the weather for this week and saw that it’s supposed to rain. A lot. Every day…maybe not Wednesday? Yesterday was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, so I knew I had to take advantage of the pretty day before DC is hit with 5 inches of rain (I think that is the current prediction…crazy, right?)
  • I saw other people running. Ironically, it is not the sprinters or those who look like professional runners (key words: look like) who always motivate me. Sometimes, it is those who look like they are about to fall over, yet they keep going. I find that so unbelievably inspiring and motivating.

Then, when I got home around 5:45, I realized that the sun wasn’t going to set until 7:56pm. SPRING HAS REALLY SPRUNG! I also really had no excuse not to run.

Last night I decided that I would run for time instead of mileage. For the past 2-3 weeks, as you may know if you have been reading, I have been running 2-3 miles pretty consistently. But since I signed up for the ODDyssey Half Marathon, I knew I needed to start going for distance. The ODDyssey Half is on June 8, which is 6 weeks away. Training needs to RAMP up if I am going to beat my 2:02:36 time. I realized that I would run 3 miles and keep checking my Garmin to check my pace and I have it in my head that I shouldn’t go slower than 9:30mpm (silly, silly, I know) so I just book it and end after 30 minutes every time. I came to the conclusion that I am going to be able to run a wicked fast 5k but I won’t be able to do much more than that if I don’t quit it. SO, I decided I would run for time instead, to build endurance. I ran for 45 minutes–4.69 miles–and I felt good. FINALLY working my way up in distance.



My tentative ‘Long Run’ training plan:

5/4: 6 miles
5/11: 7.5 miles
5/18: 8.5-9 miles
5/25: 10-11 miles
6/1: 11.5 miles

I will be tapering one week less than my first half marathon in March because I am starting training a couple weeks later, but I will make sure to taper REALLY well in the week before the ODDyssey. (I promise).

My run last night was pretty for the first half.


Rock Creek Park is A LOT prettier when the trees aren’t bare (See below. Bored, I’m bored).

Abby iPhone 012

I also took about 7 random accidental pictures while I was running, and I decided this one was worth posting. Blue skies!


One of the things I do love about Rock Creek is that it offers me two different types of trails for most of the way. I get to ‘rest’ my joints, which is something I try to do as often as possible.


To end this post for today, I am extremely happy I went for a run. I was out like a light by 10pm last night (high five). Maybe I will go for a rainy run this week…in old sneakers.

Did you get a good run in this weekend?

Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Running for Time

  1. I’m glad that you went out for you run. I often find myself debating whether I should go out or not. Glad you thought ahead and checked the weather for the rest of the week. You would have beaten yourself up if you hadn’t gone.

    I also think the most motivating thing is seeing the runners that are struggling. It let’s me know that I’m not alone and that I should be out there giving it my all as well.

    • Thank you for the comment! I definitely would have been beating myself up if I had not gone. It was a great run, and I am so glad I did it.
      I never, ever, ever regret a run. It’s always the minutes leading up to the run that I struggle the most mentally. Once I get out there, even if it’s just for a short run, I’m good. Even during the hard runs because I feel like I’m getting stronger and working toward something.

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