Things I’m Loving Friday (six)

Happy Friday!

Did this seem like the longest week ever to anyone else?

1. This Shirt
My mom got me this shirt and I love it. It’s super comfortable and also it has a cat on it so enough said. I wear it a lot…….

Abby May 044


2. Rooftop Drinks with my other half before she moves away from me 

Abby May 043


3. This mug
I’ve had this mug for a while. My dad sent it to me–it was the ‘vase’ for an orchid from Pro Flowers. It’s so simple but I love the message on it. Just sit back, relax, and let love grow, no matter whether it’s in a relationship, a friendship, or for yourself. Let it grow.

Abby May 046


4. Trader Joe’s 99 cent greeting cards
The greeting cards at Trader Joe’s are super cute and under a dollar. It’s awesome. I always grab some when I’m there.

Abby May 047


5. Havaianas
One of my other best friends is from Brazil and over the past couple of years she’s brought back Havaianas, which are now my favorite types of flip-flops. They are comfortable, stylish, and super-cute. Thanks, Mariana 🙂

Abby May 045



And Today’s Run:
Since my plan is to run 6-7 miles on Sunday (I think I may be deviating from what I told you last time but this is my new plan) I wanted to give myself a harder workout today. Not hard in distance, but hard in pace. On Sunday I know I’m going to have to take it a bit slower because I haven’t run 5 + miles in a little while, so I decided to go hard today, rest tomorrow, and then go long on Sunday. However, I still wanted it to be controlled. I am really working on being aware of my speed and pace. For the first 0.5 miles, I tried to stay between 10:00mpm and 10:30 mpm (mpm=minutes per mile); For the second 0.5 miles, I tried to stay between 9:30mpm and 10:00 mpm. Then I sped up for miles two and three. Mile four was a cool-down, as I couldn’t keep pushing myself as fast as I was. It is crucial to find the balance between pushing it and still taking care of yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 6.43.58 PM

I think I did pretty well. Each split is 1 mile so the first mile time is a result of trying to stay in between 9:30-10:30mpm. Don’t pay attention to split 5 as I only ran it for 1 second…
I felt really challenged during this run because I could tell I was pushing myself. I was breathing heavy at the end and I felt my back and arm muscles really kicking in. It was hard, but I loved it. There were times int he 3rd mile I was running at a 7:45 pace, which was pretty cool, but I still dialed back to keep myself on track.

And of course, a pre-run snack!



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