Grass for Dinner

Last night I had my first running date with a friend and I loved it. She is training for a 10k (6.2 miles) in June, so last night she was scheduled to run 5 miles. Even though I ran 7 miles on Monday morning, my legs felt good and I was itching to get outside and bang out some more miles in the beautiful weather (and to shake the treadmill out of my legs.)

sneakers running

Of course we wore cute sneakers to run. There is no other option.

photo 2

We took a simple route down Rock Creek Park and turned around by the Kennedy Center. It was so beautiful out–not too hot, not too cold, perfect blue skies.

photo 3

Look how cute and bright her outfit is! It would never be possible for me to lose her on the trail. We ran side by side for most of the run–for this portion I stayed back to get pictures and then had to do a mini-sprint to catch up. The trail looks relatively clear right now, but the entire time we were running there were TONS of walkers, runners, and cyclists on the route. Because I didn’t want either of us to get swiped by a cyclist, I ran on the side of the path (grass, dirt, mud, etc.) for the majority of time. This was fine with me because, as I’ve said before, it’s friendlier on my joints. HOWEVER, last night it got me. As we were running right up to the Kennedy Center, along the Potomac River, there was the end of something metal (I did not go back to check) sticking up out of the ground but JUST covered by the grass. So, I tripped….and I completely ate it. Like a beautiful swan dive. Luckily, I fell on the grass and not the cement. It had to happen sometime, right?

photo 4

My scraped up thigh. This was the extent of the damage. I was still able to finish the second half of the run, which I am happy about. One of the benefits of growing up playing soccer and field hockey is that I am used to falling onto the ground and eating grass for dinner…or breakfast…or lunch. Post-fall, I felt it was the perfect time for a tiny bit of fuel. Yesterday I was extremely tired (due to a bad night’s sleep) and hadn’t had dinner before the run, so I felt fuel was necessary. The fuel I am currently using is Black Cherry Clif Shot Bloks.


I got these at Fleet Feet this weekend and I must say I like them much better than any gu-style fuel. First of all, I LOVE the black cherry flavor. Second, they are much easier to eat and I feel much more digestible and third, my hands don’t get sticky.

Time to go plan my next running fall. Happy Hump Day!





6 thoughts on “Grass for Dinner

  1. I only like the bloks or chomps when they have warmed up and gotten really soft. Especially after 8mi or more. Black cherry sounds delicious! I usually reserve the completely eating it for races, haha. At least you are getting it out of your system 😉

  2. My favorite fall was in a half marathon at ~mile 11 at a water stop. The road had been recently paved and there was an uneven spot that I hit just right and went down and nearly took out the whole water stop and the woman trying to give out water! Embarassing but not too painful … now I can laugh at myself about it!

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