Sunday Runday

Finally followed through with my plans and did my long run yesterday. While I prefer to get my runs done earlier in the day, I wasn’t up early enough to run before it got sunny and warm so I decided to wait until later in the day when it was a little cooler. I set out at 6:20 yesterday afternoon and wrapped up 8 miles around 7:45pm.

May 12 038

I tried to stay in the shade the majority of the run because I already got a little burnt yesterday afternoon (oops) and also because running in the hot sun for a straight mile on Thursday was miserable. I appreciate the sun the most when I am lying on a beach or next to a pool and can quickly cool myself off.

May 12 039

I ran around this circle a couple of times and thought the fountain in the middle was really pretty. I didn’t go to it though because I knew I would get off track and jump into the fountain instead of continuing to run.

May 12 041

I’m a city girl, but I loved running through all the green yesterday. It was pretty peaceful and in the more northern neighborhoods of DC I didn’t have to dodge a ton of people.

May 12 042

I was also obsessed with these flowers–they went from white, to purple, to fuchsia and there were so many of them. I ran by them a couple of times just to get a picture….(#bloggerproblems?)

May 12 043

Around miles 3 and 4 I was struggling with my mental game, but then Britney Spears came on and all of a sudden I was running an 8:05 minutes per mile pace. I enjoyed it for a while and then slowed down so I didn’t fall over.

May 12 044

The 90’s Pandora station I had on was a hit, as I was just as motivated by Blues Traveler as I was by Princess Brit. I was also going slightly downhill during this portion so that may have been why I was such a little speed racer.

May 12 045

And, done! Not too shabby. Still loving my Garmin to pieces. Hopefully I don’t break it into pieces, though. I did a pretty good job of not obsessively checking my Garmin for my speed. I tried instead to go by how my legs felt but also to hold back a bit since i had 8 miles to make it through. I think it is a sign that I am enjoying running if when I am done, I am still excited for my next run.

In Other News….

May 12 034 May 12 037

I spent a lot of time with my animal cracker friends this weekend. I know I have mentioned Tryst on this blog before but this weekend my animal cracker friends and I met up at The Coupe, which is owned by the same people who own Tryst, Open City, and The Diner. All of these places serve animal crackers with their coffee and other drinks (except they serve mulled apple cider with ginger snaps), so even though their coffee isn’t the best I’ve ever had, I am more than satisfied.

May 12 036Chris and I went to about 3 beer events at Meridian Pint this weekend and this was the sign for yesterday’s Sour event. I thoroughly appreciated the artwork.

May 12 025

Lastly, I just can’t get over how cute this little girl is. She loves bananas, too.

May 12 027

Have a fabulous Monday!


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