Curse the humidity!

Good news: I worked out in my office building gym before work again today–2 days in a row! I am liking this plan so far.

Bad news: The 4-6 miles I dreamed of running turned into 2.5 miles running (2 miles between a 9:13-10:00 minutes per mile pace and 0.5 mile at a 8:00 minutes per mile pace) and 0.5 miles walking.

Even though I had 2 days of (running) rest from my longer run on Sunday evening, I still couldn’t get myself going. But I think it had more to do with the stuffiness of the gym. The gym is not handling the humidity in DC well, and I don’t either. Little strands of hair were sticking to the sides of my face and that is one of the most annoying feelings ever. Even though it is humid outside as well, I regret not taking my run outside this morning because at least it was fresh air and I wouldn’t be on the treadmill. Oh well! I am still pumped that I got a workout in prior to the work day for the second day in a row. After I jumped off the treadmill and cursed the humidity, I fit in 4 sets of bench press, 3 sets of barbell pull-ups, and 3 sets of bicep curls. My legs are sore from yesterday’s workout and my arms weren’t as sore so I gave them a little extra love.

Fun Things I’m Discovering Today

Dogs that look like pandas: Chow Pandas


A healthy relationship with exercise.
Thanks to DC Fit Crasher for sharing on Twitter!
I definitely have trouble with number 3. I always make an excuse to eat more because I exercised. Sigh. Overall, I think I have a pretty healthy relationship with exercise, but I need to work on #8 (exercising with friends, as I enjoyed my run with a friend last week) and #9 (utilizing exercise for mental benefits.)

It Takes Your Body an average of 10-14 Days to Acclimate to Heat
That explains it! My body still needs some days to get used to the heat and humidity. Until then I will be…

This Cat is Awesome




3 thoughts on “Curse the humidity!

  1. Love the one on acclimating to the heat! Totally feeling that – not complaining about better temperatures, but the reaction to temperature is interesting.

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