Wicked Great Lobstah

Note: this post was written with my struggling 3 year-old iPhone 4. Please excuse any brevity, awkward autocorrects, and strange formatting. Enjoy!

Hello from Portland, Maine!
Chris and I flew into Boston on Thursday night and stayed with one of his best friend’s, J, and J’s girlfriend. J turns 30 tomorrow, so a bunch of us are celebrating his foray into a new decade in this beautiful and beer-filled port town.

Yesterday morning I woke up in Boston and, even though I was on vacation, I hit the pavement for 4 miles.


My MapMyRun app apparently didn’t close out until today so it said I ran this run in Portland, Maine, but I for sure did not.

The destination of my run was to the harbor, where I could view the Boston skyline from East Boston, where I was staying. I went the wrong way at first, though, and I ended up at a drawbridge which I did NOT go over. No way no how.


But I eventually made it!



The place I ran to was surrounded by barbed wire fences but we went back to the waterfront later and got this view:


Obviously I wore my cat shirt. Why wouldn’t I?

Later I had my first ever lobster roll in the harbor. And it was amazing. I love lobster.



Tata for now! Time to go find more lobstah.


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