Pride and Shame

PRIDE: I worked out twice yesterday
SHAME: I think I may have overdone it….

Yesterday I continued my streak of working out before work and got a great leg workout done in the gym. Why I chose to do a leg day on the same day I planned my 9-mile run I will never know. Not an ounce of that makes sense in my head….

Yesterday morning’s workout consisted of:

Barbell squats
Dumbbell dead lifts
Side leg lifts
Inner Thigh Lifts
Outer Thigh Lifts
Single-Leg Bench Squat
Right Lunge, Left Lunge, Squat, Squat Jump Sequence

After work, I set out to run 9 miles for my half marathon training. It was hard. My legs were beat and the steady half-mile inclines that didn’t bother me as much last Sunday really bothered me last night. I kept looking back and thinking to myself…”REALLY? I’m STILL going UP?”

I was yearning for flat road. Yearning.

Between miles six and seven the outside of my knee started bugging me. Usually, I struggle through discomfort, but I have been an athlete long enough to know when enough is enough and that a certain pain is a bad pain and not a good pain. I am trying really hard to stay away from injury, especially because my next half is in 3 weeks. I am coming to terms with the fact that I may not beat 2 hours on June 8th. I am still going to try, but I am not going to be disappointed in myself if I don’t. It will be different weather conditions and my training this time is 1/3rd the duration of the training for my first, so I need to be realistic.

I am pretty certain that the pain in my knee is due to my silly IT band.


So, for the next couple of weeks I will be doing the following two things like crazy to aggressively treat my irritated and fussy IT band:

1. Foam Roll (have you met my best friend, the Foam Roller?)

2. Stretch


Moving on, this morning my friends and I signed up for the Army Ten Miler!! We have had reminders on our calendars for weeks because this race sells out so fast. I am so excited to run another race through the nation’s capital.


I’ve also never run a 10-mile race before, so I am excited for the new distance.

Well, off I go to eat the fabulous chicken chili I made in the crock pot last night! (Well…we will see if it’s fabulous or not in a few minutes.)



6 thoughts on “Pride and Shame

  1. Hey great job on your workouts and I used to have terrible (TERRIBLE) IT Band pain, but yoga cured it for good (hopefully)!! I tell anyone and everyone (with this problem) that yoga is the answer to IT Band pain!!

  2. I signed up for the Army 10 miler also! It will be my first race (or run ever) without music so we will see how it goes! See you there 🙂

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