IT Band Woes…I’m Stuck in Virginia

My Memorial Day consisted of the fabulous breakfast at Open City, followed by a run. I saved the entire day for my long run, and while i was slightly dreading it due to the heat, I was also excited to get 10 miles in. When I set out at 11:30am, it was about 80 degrees, sunny, and HUMID. (I don’t like humidity, remember?). And you better bet I was prepared. Sunscreen on my face, chest, arms, shoulders, ears, neck, back, etc. My handheld water bottle filled 25% of the way with Gatorade. My route planned out so that the second half would pass places I could grab water or go to the bathroom just in case,

Originally I had planned to keep the majority of my run in the shade, however, when I was talking to Chris he told me that it would be a good idea to run in the sun and heat for at least part of my run because it would help me prepare for my race on June 8th, which could likely be hot and humid. He is right–this article from says the same thing.


So, I took off and I ran down Rock Creek Parkway toward the mall. Some of the path is heavily shaded, but there is about a 1.5 mile stretch that is mostly sun. I was thankful when I got to the end of the stretch and saw the Lincoln Memorial, which I think was the perfect area to run to on Memorial Day.

Abby iPhone 021

I then ran across the Arlington Memorial Bridge toward the Arlington Cemetery. Of course I had to take a quick look behind me on my way over. Goodbye DC!

Abby iPhone 022When I got to the other end of the bridge, I took a right turn to link up with the Custis Trail. And right about then, my IT band starting acting up. I had to stop under a shady tree (although ironically I was cooler when I was running than when I was stopped) and try to stretch it out. For a couple of minutes, I didn’t think it was going to get any better. So there I was, stuck in Virginia.

Abby iPhone 023

At least I had a pretty view to look at while I pondered how I would get home, as I was relatively far from the metro and in the middle of a highway. After a little rest, I started to walk again and the pain subsided, so I brought it up to a jog and then got back into my run on the trail.

Abby iPhone 024

Along the trail and then across the Key Bridge. After crossing the Key Bridge I stopped at a Starbucks in Georgetown quickly and then continued on my run. Shortly after, I was stopped again by my IT band. I ended up having to walk the 2 miles home. I only complete a little over 6 miles, which was a little disappointing and made me concerned that I wouldn’t be able to compete in my race on June 8 😦 I am resting and self-massaging like crazy….and also crossing my fingers!

Will you cross your fingers for me? 

Have you ever had IT band issues?


3 thoughts on “IT Band Woes…I’m Stuck in Virginia

  1. Fingers crossed! Thankfully I’ve never had IT band issues, but I could definitely be better on the prevention front. I don’t stretch or roll/massage as much as I should. They say if it hurts to roll, you actually NEED to do it, but it hurts, so I don’t, lol. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and you’ll be good to go for June 8!

  2. Awww man! I hope that this gets better before the race. If not, definitely don’t push it or you could end up injuring yourself even worse. Know that it’s okay to walk, even if that wasn’t your plan. You’ll be thankful later on.

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