The Week Before

One week until my second half marathon!

If you’ve been reading (it’s okay if you haven’t, promise), you know that I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and IT Band problems, so my training hasn’t been as intense as I originally planned. As I start planning my week out, I wanted to consult the experts (Google) on what I should do the week before a race. I already forget even though my first race was 2.5 months ago.

The Rock’N’Roll Marathon site says that my week should look like this:

Sunday: An easy run
Monday: Rest or cross-train
Tuesday: Race ‘dress-rehearsal’
Wednesday: Easy run
Thursday: A short Fartlek run
Friday: Rest or cross-train
Saturday: A short, easy run

I probably won’t follow this exact plan, but I am glad to know I should work in some short runs and cross-training. I basically wanted to make sure I wasn’t supposed to be resting every day. I also have to keep my minor injury in mind, so in addition to exercising, I will be foam rolling, hopefully taking a yoga class or two, and using my fun little TENS unit ($35 on Amazon, y’all.)


I have also been walking like crazy. Walking is a form of cross-training, you know! Even Runner’s World says so. Today Chris and I took Capital Bikeshare (biking, another great form of cross-training) across town and then walked around a ton. We got a lot of steps in!


It is easy to get steps in when you are walking toward a French Press and a buttery, flaky croissant…and nothing beats sitting outside in the sun on a B.E.A.UUUUTIFUL SUNday (get it?).


It’s also easy to get steps on steps on steps in when you are walking past views like this…and then walking toward….


Baked and Wired! A classic favorite, although we are beginning to regret we told people Baked and Wired was the best spot in town because now it is way too crowded for me. I am going to begin telling tourists that it is ‘Capital A’ Awful.

Well, that’s all folks–I’m going to go foam roll now! Cheerio!


2 thoughts on “The Week Before

  1. Good luck this week! My #1 thing during race week is making sure I’m properly hydrated. It makes such a huge difference in how I feel on race day!

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