My Favorite Yoga Poses

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

Last night I went to a Power Yoga class at Stroga. Power Yoga classes sometimes intimidate me because often times all I want to do is stretch and lay on the floor, but I also love them because they make me feel POWERFUL. Get it? Even though there were some poses I wasn’t quite able to do (like side crow pose…hello0o0oo I have a hard enough time with regular crow pose!), the instructor offered plenty of modifications and also did not fill the class with difficult poses. He kept things moving, had a great sound track, and the class left me feeling strong, more flexible than when I entered, and fresh. Classes like that make me really want to take a deep dive into yoga.

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When I go to a yoga class, I am always excited when we do the following poses:

1. Pigeon
From running and strength training, my hips are extremely tight. Pigeon pose is great at stretching out my glutes, hip flexors, and groin. Last night, the instructor said something along the lines of “Pigeon pose is a hated pose. It takes us yogis a long time to fall in love with pigeon. But when we finally open up those hips…when that lateral hip finally releases…it is like a halleujah moment.” I’m excited to have my hallelujah moment and think I may just start doing pigeon pose in the middle of the office.


2. Downward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog (or ‘Down Dog) is a very simple pose but it’s one of my favorite poses because it really stretches out my calves, hamstrings, shoulders, and back. When I loosen up my hips in this pose by swinging them slowly side to side, it also stretches out my IT Band really well. Also, it’s a great pose to go back to when another pose is too hard or you need to center yourself. Nothing beats a good down dog. I am a big fan of down dog splits, as well.



3. Triangle Pose
I just really like this pose. It makes me feel good.


4. Shavasana
I chose to use the yogi name for this because I’m not a big fan of the term ‘Corpse Pose.’ Shavasana is one of the most relaxing and restorative poses I have ever experienced, and it makes me sad when a yoga instructor does not leave enough time for it at the end. It is just as important to restore as it is to strengthen, so leave time for it!



Do you do yoga?

What’s your favorite yoga pose?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Yoga Poses

  1. Pigeon! It makes me so happy when I go to a class and get to do pigeon, and I don’t honestly think I ever got that good of a stretch in my hips before I discovered it.

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