The Science of Happiness

Happy Thursday! Almost there…almost there…almost there. I just came across this graphic and I had to share. There’s enough info in it that I don’t feel I need to add much, but below the graphic are some things that I pulled from this. Enjoy!


  • Turkey makes you happy?! No wonder I like Thanksgiving so much…although it could also be the pumpkin pie, mom’s homemade filling, and the rolls….It’s a toss up.
  • I still really like the word hippocampus.
  • The part about spending 20 minutes outside each day gets a thumbs up from me! Unless there is golf-ball sized hail
  • Happiness is maximized at 57 degrees–that explains why I do NOT like humidity and heat….I only tolerate temperatures above 80 when I am on a beach or beside a pool
  • Did you see that healthier people tend to be happier? BOO-YAH! Did anyone else think of the video below when you read “Exercise releases proteins and endorphins that make the brain feel happier” ?



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