Pre-Race Anxiety and Some Things I’m Loving

Two days until race day! And guess what….I am sick. I can feel myself coming down with a cold. Therefore, the only way to counteract that is with soup and grilled cheese. I believe this is a proven fact. Bread and cheese go together forever.


I have realized that I get really anxious before race day. I am especially anxious this time around because I am a little sick (and afraid my cold will get worse) and because my IT band put a damper on my training. Thank god Runner’s World is there for me and provided this advice. I am referring you to the article because I think the whole thing is good and that paraphrasing wouldn’t suffice. Basically the gist is–stop thinking about it! And when you do think about it, stay positive. One tactic to stop thinking about it is to stay busy, so for the rest of the day I plan on focusing on work tasks (I am working from home), reading (I am currently finishing up A Little Bit Wicked and I’m about to start up The Imperfectionists), watching mindless television, and maybe napping. When I do happen to think about my race, I am going to try to think the following things:

  • You are strong, powerful, and have run a half marathon before
  • The course will be good, and those wearing costumes will entertain you the whole way!
  • You will be wearing a tutu! (Did I mention that yet?!)
  • If you don’t PR, it will be okay
  • If your knee starts to hurt and you have to walk, it will be okay
  • If you feel sick and have to walk or take a break, it will be okay
  • You get to see family, friends, and go to a great brunch afterwards!

And now for some Things I’m Loving Friday

1. This tutu!
I am so happy that I found a tutu to wear to my race! It isn’t as fancy as some I found online but it was under $20, I didn’t have to order it online, and it seems to fit perfectly even though I bought it at a children’s toy store! (Full tutu to be revealed after race.)

Embedded image permalink

2. My Panini Maker
One of the first things Chris learned about me is that I love grilled cheese (let’s be honest, the first words out of my mouth are usually “Hi my name is Abby and I like grilled cheese. and cats). So for Christmas 2012, he got me a panini maker! It served me well today.

photo 5
3. The Express
The Express is the short version of The Washington Post and it is handed out at every metro station every morning. FOR FREE. The stories are the perfect length, the newspaper is easy to read and carry, and it includes a crossword and short&sweet horoscopes that tell me things such as “You will talk to another person today.” I love it, plus the people who hand them out are always happy to see you–it’s always good to start your morning off with a good morning, especially from a stranger (I’m being serious).  I’m not an avid news reader so The Express allows me to catch up on current events quickly and easily during my commute. If there’s a story I want to know more about, I can always search it online later. Even though I am working from home today, I stopped by the metro station to grab one.

photo 1

4. Painting Pottery
Shelby is moving to New Orleans ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. So, last Friday we went to All Fired Up and painted pottery together–what Shelby painted, I am going to keep, and what I painted, she is going to keep! Today we got to pick up our pieces. I painted Shelb a square flower pot, and she painted me a jewelry tray (with a cute note on the back and my monogram on the front).

Abby iPhone 020 Abby iPhone 021

photo 4 photo 3

What do you do to avoid pre-race anxiety?

Are you running a race this weekend?



4 thoughts on “Pre-Race Anxiety and Some Things I’m Loving

  1. Ah! I hope your grilled cheese cures your cold! I get super anxious before any kind of sporting event. The thing that has helped me most (my rugby team started doing this the day before the game) is laying down with your eyes closed and literally picturing yourself doing everything you are anxious about. Picture yourself getting up in the morning, getting your uniform on, warming up, taking the field, the whistle blowing, getting the ball, scoring. Obviously you will have different events to walk through pertaining to your race and not a rugby game, but I think it really helps. We used to walk through it out loud as a team. It’s like a mental warm-up of the day, and it ended up really helping my performance too! Good luck!!

  2. I love grilled cheese and I LOVE my panini maker, too!!! I think I have that exact one!! It’s fabulous!!! XOXO!! You are going to run great!!! XOXO!!

  3. Remember to pace yourself, Abs. Also remember to take in all the sights and talk to as many people as you can during the race. Remember, the race is as much about the experience as it is about the outcome. Congratulations, honey. Love you, dad

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