Reebok Skyscape Review: Walking on Clouds

Hola, friends.

If you don’t know by now, I have had problems in the past with plantar fasciitis. While training for my first half marathon, I decided that I needed to stop walking around in shoes that were bad for my feet–poorly structured shoes (Old Navy flip-flops, my go-to), were only exacerbating my symptoms and the last thing I needed to deal with when running a half marathon was painful feet. So I started wearing my running sneakers around everywhere. Now, I’m not a very vain person–I never wear make-up and I hardly ever put effort into doing my hair (mostly because I’m lazy and don’t want to spend money on make-up or hair products…and also I’m not good at doing either of these things either)–but I just felt silly sometimes, walking around with my clunky running shoes and a cute skirt or dress on. And to be honest, my sneakers looked funky with skinny jeans, too.

A couple of months ago, I saw some of my favorite bloggers writing reviews on a shoe called the Reebok Skyscape.

  • Anne at fANNEtastic food“I felt they supported my feet well all day, too. And most importantly, they are also cute!”
  • Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl: “The SkyScapes are beyond comfortable.  They are super flexible and they fit perfectly to my feet.”
  • Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers: “The shoe is made out of foam and the same materials used to make lingerie, so it is incredibly comfortable, lightweight (only five ounces!) and has a more feminine look than a basic athletic gym shoe.”

After reading their reviews and getting to see the shoes in person at DC Fit, I was convinced that this was exactly what I needed–a cute, less clunky sneaker that is comfortable, supportive, and good for my feet.


I bought the shoes about a month ago. I had a very hard time choosing a color–they have about ten different standard options: pink with a white sole, purple with a white sole, black with a pink sole, some with patterns, and dark gray with a teal sole. At the end of the day, teal always wins my heart (which is why my wallet and phone case are now teal too…), so I bought the gray and teal ones. There is also an option to design your own, which I may do so eventually.

May 12 032

I mean, really though, look how pretty those soles are! I absolutely love the color. Also, the shoes come with two different colors of laces. Mine came with dark gray and teal.

May 12 031

They’re just so cute! I am very happy with my choice. I wanted something that could go with a lot of different colors, and while teal doesn’t necessarily go with EVERYTHING, since only the sole is teal, I didn’t think it would clash with too much.

May 12 030

Do you like the awkward angle of my ankle in this picture? Unfortunately, the first pair I bought was a half size too big…I tried to pretend they fit but at the end of the day they just felt weird, and I knew I was being silly. So, I returned them for a half size smaller and finally got them in the mail last week. And now I am wearing them around like crazy!

photo (9)


And, what do I think so far, you ask?

1. These are the most ridiculously comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
Seriously, SO comfortable. Every time I take a step I feel like I am either walking on clouds or a memory foam mattress. Yes, my Ugg slippers with fake fur lining are extremely comfortable, too, but those are slippers, people. These I can actually wear ANYWHERE!

2. I still really love the color.
I wore these with a bright pink dress today and did not feel odd at all.

3. They are light as a feather, which is a major plus.
I never realized how heavy my other shoes are until I put these on. These shoes make me feel like I can just float around for hours. Plus, if I ever have to carry them in my bag, you can hardly tell they are there because they are only 5 OUNCES!

I am definitely thinking about investing in another pair of these. They are definitely worth every penny (okay, I had a gift card, but still). In case you didn’t see in the list of characteristics above, these shoes are machine washable. I can’t even explain to you how much I like this aspect of these shoes. It means I am not worried about them getting dirty or ruined and I can wear them anywhere–rain, shine, hiking, mud, etc. Great job, Reebok!

Do YOU have any go-to comfy shoes?

(NOTE: This post is 100% unendorsed. I bought these shoes myself (with a Christmas gift card), received no discount, and chose to write this review of my own accord.) 


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